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  1. Still no incentive that I need. The gifts are kinda cool, but lose their value with them being so common. I don't want the same couch literally a million other users have. It's not so special when all your neighbors have the same living room.  An incentive that would get me paying for an account would be something like rebates on purchases or something. That way, we can still buy what we want, but have an incentive to spend where we want, and buying what we want, keeping our originality. Rebates, not at the expense of the merchant, but a percentage handed back, say 5-10% of all purchases, up to a capped amount, would keep people dropping money in world, I think. Plus, what about furniture designers? Now millions of people have a free living room. Why would they go shopping for a living room now? It's gonna hurt merchants, I'd think. People who make sofas are probably fuming right now that suddenly millions of users have a free sofa.
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