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  1. My dashboard has been coming up in french.. ive tried changing it back to english and it does eventually change .. i want it to come up in English .. whats the problem ? so I got a partner proposal .. ive tried accepting over and over it wont accept my answer .. Alhttps://gyazo.com/3f6553d0966d1fc54a6863611eb749d6 Thank you Dawn OHanlon
  2. I have an existing frame given to me and i would like to insert a snapshot that i have taken into the frame.. how do I do that? The frame says to give debit permissions...what does that mean?
  3. I downloaded the latest version of firestorm ... the phoenix version... i am on a laptop and using a wireless router... I am crashing constantly but its not only that ..i lose internet connection for everything... ive cleaned out .. cache in sec life ... cleaned and gone through everything .... any ideas?
  4. wrote the knowledge base a few days ago... My friend is still unable to put clothes on after being advised to get rid of singularity and download firestorm. I had advised him to make sure he saves his shape as it is now and go to avatar health and reset. He is afraid he will then get stuck like that and still be unable to wear clothing. Any suggestions?
  5. What does a person do that cannot put on clothing after downloading the latest version of Singularity. Clearning out cache has been tried... uninstalling and reinstalling...wearing outfits.... wearing specific pieces of clothing....using ADD instead of wear.... totally naked at this point ... except for hair and skin. Just stuck at my parcel until this problem can be solved. I have suggested he try resetting his avatar in avatar health but he cant find where its located in this particular viewer. Thank you
  6. I purchased a new bedroom suite about two weeks ago.... ive set the menu user to ALL and the ball users to ALL. It seems anyone can use this bed except my partner.... even his ALT can use the bed. Can anyone explain what the problem is... I've written the creator twice and also his partner ... no one responds. The bed came from DEPOZ which is a popular merchant in second life. There was not really much in the way of instructions on how to operate the bed... through trial and error i have managed to figure out how to make adjustments to positons but it simply will not work at all for my partner... Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I need to edit a modifiable fire pit. Edit has given instructions which i don't understand for fear of totally wrecking this new firepit. The stovepipe is going through the ceiling and into the upstairs bathroom floor. The part needs to be shortened.
  8. I have dragged items from my inventory into a certain area that I own... its it possible to save it as one build for later use?
  9. How does a venue owner give an employee permissions to submit a destination guide application?
  10. How do u create a newsletter for u own venue within second life?
  11. How do i activate a message when I am busy and will IM them later
  12. i always get great PROMPT answers from Rolig.
  13. is there any way to have another person in sec life hear the typed word on their computer? So i dont have to keep retyping information but because of real life interference I dont want to have to speak into a microphone...... just type.
  14. where is enable advanced light model located in firestorm viewer prefereces.
  15. When i put on outfits I sometimes get a messge that Im not allowed to rezz objects on this property because the owner doesnt allow it. I am the owner of the property. What is this all about?
  16. I dragged an item onto the floor which happened to be doves of peace particles - i cant get it back into my inventory without deleting my floor in my house. I want it gone its annoying going into advanced menu and hiding particles
  17. My partner cant always see the pose balls in my furniture and when he does he just sits. The furniture controls are set to all so anyone can use it. Anyone have any ideas?
  18. I have alot of stuff in my lost and found after moving and some of it is multiple items in one cube. I went to a sandbox but cant rezz any of it. What do u suggest? I've lost items in the move and they're not in the folders where they should be.
  19. My partner is unaable to rezz a boxed item in my house what do i have to do to make that possible?
  20. How do i change time in my chat box to regular time instead of military time
  21. Why is some mesh still transparent in firestorm 4.4.2 which is supposed to be the latest hot lick thing in viewers?
  22. if u have a basic account how much does it cost to delete only one of your avatars?
  23. is there a way to make urself appear invisible to certain people while in world?
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