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  1. Peggy, if the problem is with the end user it looks identical to an LL problem that has yet to be posted on the grid status report. That's why people ask on the forums. If everyone says "works for me" they can get a clue from that response that the grid status page will never give them. The grid status page does not report issues that are end user specific which is why an end user problem and an LL problem not yet posted on the grid status page look identical. Since there is absolutely no way to know whether or not the lack of information points to the earlier or latter, posting on the forums is more efficient. I've no idea why you think being "official" is more important than being timely. So long as the information is accurate, timely is better.
  2. Reviewing these files would be more work for LL (and so they will not be a fan of your suggestion), and would take up their bandwidth and storage to boot. If you can be bothered to do all that, including sending the file, then why not just send a DMCA takedown notice? How would this work technically? Would the button click prompt the clicker to send the file or would they have to wait for someone at LL to tell them to send the file, introducing a delay that would likely make action take longer than just sending a DMCA take down notice? Why not just send a DMCA take down notice?
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