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  1. Hello, Linden Lab. I need a clarification to file EchoSign for Skill Gaming Policy ( as an operator). https://secure.echosign.com/public/hostedForm?formid=9EX6XU7I3J32XJ 2 SKILL GAMING APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS (ii) A sworn affidavit or declaration from the applicant that... Do you require a sworn affidavit or a declaration? Do I need an attorney for this or not? In the SKILL GAMING POLICY THREAD, pag 29, this is what You replied to Gaia Gabe: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Skill-Gaming-Policy-Thread/td-p/2771090/highlight/false/page/29 "The reasoned legal opinion has to be from a credible attorney in good standing and licensed to practlce law in the U.S. The sworn affidavit comes from the applicant." Does this mean that I do not need an attorney for this sworn affidavit?
  2. Hello, LL I have some doubts about the new Skill Gaming Policy. I'm going to apply as operator since I own a 2-regions gaming place. From 1st August as an operator I will be allowed to have only transactions with players and on my regions only. No more gift or other kind of transactions. https://secure.echosign.com/public/hostedForm?formid=9EX6XU7I3J32XJ 4 OPERATOR REQUIREMENTS section c) I am really concerned about this because this will be very very limiting. As You can imagine.... I use not to keep all my money on the main account for security reasons and also.... all us owners have lots of missing payments by game machines. How could we pay them to players if GIFTs are nomore allowed? What if I want to buy a new skin for my avi or a building... but what I’m concerned about most is that I need to store my money on another account for security reasons. Could I use my alts (or bots) for this? Is there a way for us to have a list of verified alts for this purpose. Please consider to review this part of TOS.
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