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  1. This listing pertains to 1/2 sim parcels in the regions Rowling and Snicket, respectively - these sims are neighbours, and the parcels flow neatly together if bought in conjunction. I am happy to sell these holdings separately or as a pair. Rowling and Snicket are situated on the old Teen Grid continent: used in that capacity from 2006 to 2011, this is an old area that shares its geography with Sansar, the first mainland continent. Rowling is a terrain clone of Albion, whereas Snicket resembles Pomponio. Rowling and Snicket were so named after beloved children's authors, in the fashion of many early Teen Grid sims: Rowling, after JK Rowling, and Snicket for Lemony Snicket. Both parcels are 36608sqm in total size. I own an additional 736sqm in Snicket and an additional 256sqm in Rowling, both of which we subdivided to bring the total square meterage down to a standard half sim size. The buyer is welcome to these plots if they desire them. Rowling: Rowling is a striking hilltop property, surrounded on two sides by simspace. The southern border is ringed by a strip of Protected Land, whereas the northern border sits against a rare so-called "Protected Wasteland" region left over from the early Teen Grid beta. This is a region's worth of protected land featuring many of the original Linden and beta resident structures. The parcel in Rowling features a valley that leads down to a protected waterway, part of which you could be the proud owner. In the Southeast of the sim is a secluded bay and penninsula. Snicket: One of Snicket's most striking features is the geographical landmark crater to the north, on the Zaius border. Snicket's terrain continues Rowling's hilltop and brings it down a gradual incline towards Alloy, where there is a Protected Land border separating this parcel from the next residential plot in Alloy. To the South is a wonderful cove with a small personal beach, overlooked by the steepest part of the hill.   These parcels are both currently available for L$128,128 (L$3.5/sqm) each. Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions (You're welcome to respond to this post, but please also sendme an Instant Message/notecard inworld) This is a peaceful area in which to dwell, and is a fantastic piece of metaverse history.
  2. I design, build and texture my own constructions, and have experience in the areas you're seeking; if you're still looking for a partner, contact me inworld and we can discuss it properly.
  3. Contact me inworld if you're still seeking someone to complete this job; I've been working in the military community as a builder for five years - you can see examples of my work over at Snapzilla, where there's quite a variety of designs and styles. The quote itself would be dependent on the style of the region, and we'd need to discuss it.
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