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  1. Great pic ! Bit like a painting, a dreamland :heart:
  2. Agree with what you say, SinfulPrince. I remember a time, sl was a world for mature people, not children. What a pitty to have to change our sims in adulte ghettos to can play and have fun. :catfrustrated:
  3. ok, but when i follow your link, i land in Thorstone Camp. There are 2 sims, nice, but all what i see is one empty sim, and one other with zingo-machines, lot. The sim is nice, just nature with trees, but i ask me, where are the rp-sims ? :catsurprised:
  4. Yes, seems be a great sim to explore. Relaxed rules-days must be over, but should have some appropriate in my little inventory :womanlol:
  5. Hmmm, i think i may have a similar issue. I upgraded in december, sl offered the a pretty price for the premium quaterly-plan. On my profile-page, under account i'm premium-member, but in my sl-profile inworld, nothing at all. Also still waiting on the promised bonus of L$ 1''000 for inscription, and the weekly amount. I said me, ok let's pass the hollidays, maybe with beginning year all will be done. But nothing, still waiting ! I think will have to send a ticket, or call on one of the tel-number for assistance... brb ... !
  6. Lovely pic ! A bit SF in SL :robotwink:
  7. The magic side... Great pic, good to share !
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