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  1. It looks like others have beat me to it..helping this carrie person remove teh fluff from her ears. i just looked at my transaction history and i purchased, and spent, $62. USD for the month of september. and i am a basic account holder. Why am I basic? I tried a premium account when I was new. had an issue and tried live chat. This was before they "improved" on it, and it was just as horrific then. i couldnt connect, when i finally did, he didnt seem to knw what he was talking about. i decided the 10 bucks is basically to sucker people into paying for their customer service department's idiocy and i switched to basic. I still have a place, still spend way too much on SL, especially for clothes, hair and shoes. In fact, I agree with what someone else said, that basic account holders may spend even more lindens than premium. we have an extra 10. a month to buy lindens with. paying someone 10 bucks a month to get just over 1 buck a week is silly. if there was good support to go along with it, i would not have switched to basic. but frankly, we can all get ignored by linden labs for free. save teh lindens for shopping. and hopefully, someone has taught that rude girl the difference between no payment info on file and premium vs basic. heh
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