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  1. Can anyone answer this Question without a biased "my viewer the best" mindset? Beyond script time associated to the bridge; doesn't it also use chat channels to communicate this info? The viewer i use has no bridge and i can do script counting with it, radar i can see entire region; i think what i am asking is for the little you gain in wearing a bridge, is it worth it?
  2. will try there, thanks Peewee. Was trying to avoid attempting to get a sip from the firehose they call "forum"
  3. I found it in the statistics bar i think, meter goes to 40ms, am seeing ~20ms of active script time; region estate info top scripts shows ~10ms total script time so.... Does this mean that when region total script time hits 20ms my statistics script time meter pegs and i stand frozen there or what?
  4. I found it in the statistics bar i think, meter goes to 40ms, am seeing ~20ms of active script time; region estate info top scripts shows ~10ms total script time so.... Does this mean that when region total script time hits 20ms my statistics script time meter pegs and i stand frozen there or what?
  5. That helps to know that. but no, am looking to understand at what level in a sim the milliseconds of running script time begin to cause lag. If i knew how many milliseconds of time a sim could process, could come up with a ratio or percentage of script time (milliseconds/sqMeter) that each resident of that sim uses.
  6. Not worried, simply would like to know. Consider this... most people live on a sim shared among other residents either subdivided or communal; looking to manage this aspect of script time and it's affects. A rule of thumb perhaps? milliseconds per meter to make the sim enjoyable and functional for all involved. Agreed, focus on your code if you are a code writer but are a very large portion of people in sl lagging the hell out of the place simply because they don't realize that there is a limit and that their stack of 20 games on 1 sqMeter is making it so all the neighbors can't even sit down much less walk.
  7. Everything has a limit, or a sim wouldn't crash when it becomes overloaded with script time. Am sure is a finite number of milliseconds in script time used before this occurs, anyone know the answer?
  8. How much script time does a sim have available and at what point does it get to lagging?
  9. I just tried to create a new account, and the new account creation page still has you pick a first name without being able to see the last names, and presumably then picking a last name - I'm not sure, because I stopped at that point. Is the name creation process going to change to where you can create an account with the name of your choice, and that's what people will see in-world and in the blog-forums? Sharcel, is really sad: i made another avi, you get no last name and unless you and everyone around you is on viewer2 you will appear as "chosenusername" Resident. and i had to load viewer2 to set a display name last name, why i don't know because most won't see it. It would seem that we are all going to have to load viewer 2 and choke on it till we say it tastes good. I am really disappointed that the unique username they so lavishly stated would not be harmed meant we became a single named entity on sl if we made a new avi. Hats off and a bow to LL for an abomination well done.
  10. Did I mention once, anywhere that I planned on going into a shop wearing someone elses name? I don't think so, so please, get off your high-horse before you fall and hurt yourself. I will be wearing a display name, probs not on this avatar, but definitely on my other. My point was thtat if I were to get booted for using a feature that allows my wife and I to have the same surname I won't bother trying to return. Therefore that particular merchant will be losing at least one sale from me, and possibly more. If someone installs that script on their land and is set full throttle, you won't be able to return. But a responsible and cautious store owner can edit that script to only eject those that try to impersonate them. I think is a useful tool that can eliminate one of the many worries that people had here in this discussion, and I see no reason for you to make a derogatory remark about the height of my horse or the damage i might receive on dismount. I also stated I didn't write the script so i can't take any credit for its existence or it's default state. Someone asked if there was a way to keep impostors off their land, and there is a way so i shared it. So please don't "insult" me further.
  11. Terrific script. The problem with that is while a human can tell that Mondy Bristol is different to Monderas Bristol but can tell it's similar enough to just be a nickname or by preferred way of being addressed, the script can't do that and would eject me. *huggs* Mondy Good point Monderas, however a nickname is a name that close friends call you; once a name that is not your birth name is used to identify yourself I believe it is called an alias. Hugs Fran
  12. Anyone employing a blanket script like that is not going to have many visitors. I have no immediate plans to change my name on this avatar, but on my other I already have (my wife and I have merged our surnames). If I get one warning to change my name and come back or get booted once...business lost because I certainly won't be frequenting that store ever again, and nor will many others. As you can only change your name once per week, it's impractical and insulting. If I'm in a shop I'm there to spend, not be told what I can and can't call myself. Someone asked if it could be done, i answered them, your opinion or emotional state of being when it happens to you is irrelevant. Land owners have the right to eject or ban anyone for any reason and if you studied the script carefully could see that it could be set to eject a specific display name, the Shop owner's user name for instance; and if you were "insulted" for being ejected from someones shop wearing their user name well whoopty spoo. Don't be shooting the mailman for bringing the bills.
  13. yes there is, someone has already written a script to do just that, is in the early blogs back in september, when we all went bah humbug on this ridiculous idea of display names. I didn't write it so can't take credit but i'll share it. // This script will check avatars who step on (collide with) the object. It can also sense any // avatars in the area. If they have a display name set that does not match their user name, // it ejects or bans them,. The script can be limited to do this only if the avatar is // in the same parcel the script is located. // // This script is highly useful for retail spaces or any other place where identity impersonation // has deleterious effects. Until the Lindens fix the mess they've created with display names, // this script will return control to your parcels and regions to clearly identifiable people. // float CheckTime = 5.0; // How often to check, zero means no timed checks. float SensorRange = 20.0; // The sensor range integer NotifyAgent = TRUE; // TRUE - send them a message when they are removed. integer OverMyLand = FALSE; // TRUE - apply check only to parcels owned by the object's owner. // Determines if the display name is unsafe. integer IsUnsafeDisplayName(key id) { string un = llKey2Name(id); string dn = llGetDisplayName(id); //If the user name is blank they likely left the region. if (un == "") return FALSE; // If no display name returned, then there is no issue. if (dn == "") return FALSE; // If the display name matches the user name, then there is no issue. if (dn == un) return FALSE; // The display name is not safe as will cause confusion or impersonation. // Other filter criteria can be placed here. For example, you can add a list // of disallowed displayed names, name of staff, for example. Unfortunately, // because unicode characters are permitted, the list of disallowed names can be // enormormous, so there is not much utility to filter in that fashion. return TRUE; } RemoveAgent(key id) { // Either do it always, or limit to owned parcels. if (!OverMyLand || llOverMyLand(id)) { // Various ways to deal with a person. Eject or ban. llEjectFromLand(id); llAddToLandBanList(id, 1.0); if (NotifyAgent) { llInstantMessage(id, "We're sorry to have to chase you out, but your display name is unsafe.\n" + "Please remove it entirely of set it to your user name."); } } } default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(CheckTime); } timer() { llSensor("", NULL_KEY, AGENT, SensorRange, PI); } sensor(integer num) { integer i; for (i=0; i<num; ++i) { key id = llDetectedKey(i); if (IsUnsafeDisplayName(id)) { // The default action is to remove the user from the area. RemoveAgent(id); } } } collision_start(integer num) { integer i; for (i=0; i<num; ++i) { key id = llDetectedKey(i); if (IsUnsafeDisplayName(id)) { // The default action is to remove the user from the area. RemoveAgent(id); } } } touch_start(integer num) { integer i; for (i=0; i<num; ++i) { key id = llDetectedKey(i); llSay(0, "un = " + llKey2Name(id)); llSay(0, "dn = " + llGetDisplayName(id)); } } }
  14. It obviously worked you are now Juniper.Ellisson, let me know if you can make the dot go away ok.
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