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  1. Hello I'm interested! Can you send me more info please? Thanks!
  2. Great phot Caitlin, congrats )
  3. Excuse me, I am going to spam you with pictures; I was searching for hair through my web browser and was surprised when one of the top results had traffic of 17.0. Why is that parcel relevant? So I clicked 'more info' and got a giant list of items found there. First photo is a screen capture that shows the top of the list, second one is the bottom of the list: As you can see, there are 399 items checked to show in search. After teleporting there I found myself in the shop high in the air and the coordinates were on the ground level. Somehow I managed to go down and take a snapshot Then I se
  4. Hello! I tried to download and run the viewer but it says that my video drivers are not good. I have updated them. Is my pc too bad for playing second life? Here is what i have: Microsoft Windows XP Proffesional Version 2002 Service Pack 2 AMD Duron(tm) p 1,81 GHz, 1,50 GB RAM-1 NVIDIA GeForce Fx 5200 If I need to replace something, what is it? I do not have money for a new pc :( Thank you for reading
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