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  1. I experience this same issue (my avatar appears half crouched when standing and walking in every sim) after I updated to Firestorm version Firestorm 6.5.6 (66221) Jul 16 2022. I am not sure if this is related to the update. I managed to fix this issue by checking on the parameter Preferences -> Firestorm -> Extras : Fix Bento Idle Animation.
  2. Caitlin, I experienced the same issue as you describe, on me and it was random. When I detected it, I took everything off and there was no issue with any attachment in my case. I logged off and also I deleted some of the files that SL maintains between sessions in the PC (maybe this list is not comprehensive, but these are the files that I delete from the Temp directory I defined in SL: del *.dsf del avatar_*.* del *.inv.gz del data.db2.x* del index.db2.x* del name.cache del *.cached_mute del experience_cache.* del texture_list*.* rmdir texturecache /S /Q rmdir objectcache /S /Q rmdir cef_cache /S /Q Then I logged back to SL and the movement of my hand was gone. Maybe you can expand and fit this workaround for your specific case.
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