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  1. If you have a mesh item attached to yourself, but your vieuwer doesn't support mesh, then you can see egg-like shapes. So there's a simple action : detach your objects, to find out which is the mesh. However, sooner or later, mesh will be allover SL, so you might want to update your vieuwer, so you can actually see mesh as they are supposed to look like. The latest standard SL vieuwer will do, and also others like Phoenix. Just make sure you get the newest version. Good luck
  2. Try Character test. I don't know where that is on Phoenix, but here is how I got it: Advanced (ctrl+alt+d) - Character - Character Test- Test Female This will restore your avatar to noob. After that it's unbugged, and you can put on your own skin and clothes again. Good luck
  3. If you report it with an abuse report, make sure you include your transaction history, from when you paid the box yourself. LL can find out wich other people logged in on the same computer's IP address, so they might be able to permanently ban him, and delete all his alts. Also they might be able to track down the creator and all former posessors of the script that was in the box, so you might want to give them the name of that script (in your inventory) too. Other than reporting, don't allow building, set auto return to 1 minute, and don't allow scripts to other residents. And check the info
  4. Don't forget to take pictures !!! There's nothing like little boys with moobs, oversized shoes and ruthed gurl hair
  5. You have no control over your uploaded stuff and/or created items, that you gave away to others. Make sure you set rights to no copy and/or no transfer, if you don't want it freely distributed. A NO copy/modify/transfer picture can't be put on a prim either, so no one can easily display your pictures/textures to everyone by doing that. Think twice about giving RL photo's to people you don't really know (that means basicly everyone you never met in RL). If you want to show your RL photo to others, put it in your profile. And after they have seen it, you can take it out again, if you don't wish
  6. Transferable items, that are set to "share with group" (or something), can be taken into inventory by another member of that group. I had that long time ago, when I accidently picked up someone else's dance poseballs (wich I returned to the owner lol). Don't share things with groups, unless you're sure it's safe ! Also, transferable items can be picked up, by people who you have given the rights to edit your objects. Those people can only be the ones that actually are in your friendslist, at least at the point of the stealing. Don't give people these rights, unless you trust them enough !
  7. Some people use alts, to harass others. Like stalk them in (group) chat or visit their (home) SIM etc. Is it possible to find out if someone is an alt, before he starts harassing? Because often I suspect, but I can never know. And I don't want to accuse, offend or mute everyone I suspect lol. Maybe there is a vieuwer option, some script or an IP address HUD thingy. I hope someone knows this, thanks :)
  8. Every time I login, my HUDs don't show. I have to TP first for them to come on screen, but in that TP I loose my hair or necklace. Then I have to re-attach that from inventory, but it doesn't show until I TP again. Then when all seems good, another person tells me my shoes are gone, or my dress, while I see them. Sometimes I can't even detach them to fix it, unless I TP first, then re-attach and TP back. By then my AO and other HUDs don't work again... etc etc... And it has been like this for a week !!! I tried everything. Character test n00bing, rebaking, clear cache, detaching everything man
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