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  1. This may be simple... I have created hundreds of animations using various packages and programs. The latest Poser Pro usually produces fine animations. However, sometimes I create a perfect anim in Poser and it uploads off-center in Second Life. Any ideas? Thank you.
  2. Dear Project Bento Team*, What is *really* needed is more options on upload. The extensions to the skeleton are good and certainly will increase the opportunities for unusual avatars. For humans, how many bones are there now of the 206 in the human body? Inarra Saarien artistic director & animator Ballet Pixelle® balletpixelle.org *Note only to the Project Bento team: I have been creating all the animations for Ballet Pixelle since 2006 -- thousands. Although we do not sell animations, we use them to create a unique performance company with a goal to explore virtual and physical dance and blended realities. We have been invited and performed in Real (First) Life live in Berlin, Bhutan, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, New York City, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver, Washinton DC, and Yokohama. I noted the lack of Linden Labs animation variables during my talk at the Immersive Computing conference in Los Angeles (alongside Disney). I just found out about this. I'd love to know more and communicate with the Project Bento team. I appreciate the work you are now doing on animation.
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