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  1. ok so there is no adut sims to be found that is based in any of the lands i can get for free ?
  2. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jenots Mesa/164/146/0 hope you can help me.. i wanna know how to set my new house to mature
  3. Source: Currency Linden LindeX Transaction Description: Currency Exchange - order #80562180 hi ! still waiting to receiave my linden dollars. can you please help me soon.
  4. Hi Rod. Secondlife is like a Cross between the matrix, and Legoes.. The Building,scripting,Meeting Other people is wht makes it awesome. Each person has put their Heart and Souls into Secondlife. The one thing that makes SL stand out above all other "games" is that.. if somehing doesnt exist yet. you can make it yourself ! You have no Goal in SL. like in other games. But its like "Google Search" very boring unless you know where to seek. I advice you to embark in a travel in secondlife with an open mind. Make an Alt.. Go to Gorean sims, Go in other Roleplay setting
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