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  1. Hi Rod. Secondlife is like a Cross between the matrix, and Legoes.. The Building,scripting,Meeting Other people is wht makes it awesome. Each person has put their Heart and Souls into Secondlife. The one thing that makes SL stand out above all other "games" is that.. if somehing doesnt exist yet. you can make it yourself ! You have no Goal in SL. like in other games. But its like "Google Search" very boring unless you know where to seek. I advice you to embark in a travel in secondlife with an open mind. Make an Alt.. Go to Gorean sims, Go in other Roleplay settings. like JEDI sims, running around with a lightsabre. Go to Mermaid sims. Go to Cola sims , Dcs2 sims.. Vampire sims. Werewolf sims Or just go and play a game of chess. Build your own aeroplane. Fly around in the sky. Dont let the lagg bother you. Let the endless posibilitys feed you. Let it seep trough your vains.the posibilities, the endless posibilities.
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