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  1. Personally, I think the most damage this will cause is not the loss of true online status, nor the loss of being able to see the viewer tag (which I believe is just so people don't see how few use LL's viewer).. but the repression of devs for future development. Having to submit things devs have created to LL for 1 their approval and 2 to wait for LL to add it to their viewer first (which will take months).. THAT is far more important and damaging then the things that will go immediately..
  2. Flip - yes I was at the meeting Oz stated on several occasions RLV issafe
  3. LL is working on the mesh deformer with the creator - however, should LL decide NOT to implement it for any reason - no TPV would be able to either. RLV is safe.. it will be allowed to stay.
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