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  1. Yes. The websearch is changed. And you're right about script keys becoming more hidden now. And stop making us login again just to access profiles after we've already logged in. Arrrg!
  2. >Find in 2.4 now Broken? Grr. I am having a new problem with 2.4 Is anyone else noticing extra slowness in the find command? It is always pretty slow to load up for the first time, but in 2.4, I seem to be having particular trouble. It won't load at all quite often and I'll have to close the window and try again multiple times to get it to work or even relog. Find seems to be working better now in 2.5. *** 2.5 Mongering Alert *** If you want to keep both 2.4 and 2.5 installed in order to test the differences between the two, at EVERY time you start the program, make sure you go t
  3. Thx for the tip on AvMatch.com. It is really kindof frustrating that so many people in SL are interested in dating in SL, but it can be so hard to find locals.
  4. I would like to add: if you are trying to update web profiles and make them accessable online .... provide a way to search for people by RL location (especially by city). IMVU does this quite well. There is a wonderful dating potential in Second Life, but by the time you fall in love, you realize they're in Croatia or something. Give us a reliable way to meet local singles!
  5. * More Functional Web Profiles or None * I have fought the web profiles since their inception because of the slow down and their huge size while you are waiting. And don't you dare minimize them because they often fail and have to be stopped and refreshed. You will wind up restoring an empty window! And I think minimizing the gigantic window makes it slower to load too. If someone asks why you look frozen in space, just tust tell people you are waiting for Viewer 2.5 profiles to load. But in all honesty, I will have to admit that web profiles have potential. I was sincerely happier with
  6. Hello. I like SL and all the exciting posabilities it provides. I started using Viewer 2.3 and had a good expereince with it. I upgraded to 2.4 and then 2.5 However, in 2.5, I am having major issues with the new profiles option. My system is a 1.8 Ghz solo core on XP with a good graphics card. It ran SL fine before, but these web profiles are very unreliable and slow. It can take as much as 30 seconds to a minute for a profile to come up. This is because after 20-30 seconds to see if it might load, it will often fail and then I have to stop it and refresh. I have an 8 Kbps internet co
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