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  1. I am trying to play the same music as on my fulll sim but nothing will play even the music button does malnot seem to work there
  2. Dres wrote I completely agree. People just can't assume everyone else approaches SL from the same perspective they do, because then, once the "truth" is revealed, they get all bent out of shape and claim they've been lied to when, in reality, they were the ones that were lying to themselves. I agree always assume that nothing is real in sl, however if a relationship has been formed and they have been lied to yes, they should get upset. and take better care next time. Dres write Unfortunately, that's not always going to work. It's not unheard of for a guy to be completely able to pull off looking and sounded like a girl in RL, much less in voice or on cam. Unless, of course, they're willing to show their genitalia right off the bat... which I'd have to think isn't very conducive to developing a sustainable relationship, though I'm sure it happens occasionally. Of course, then there's the question of when to disclose? Are you supposed to direct some cute avatar to the webcam you have between your legs at the very moment that they say hello? Well yes, it is all about the building of trust before you get to the web cam voice thing, in a relationship. and to get trust dont you need truth??? or a certain amount of it. while sayiing believe nothing and assume all is not as it seems is fine for playing sl, building a relationship to a friendship truth and trust have to come into it, and if you have those is there any need for web cams and voice?????? Its a hard one alright:) Jane
  3. :0 yes I know, as I said if it all about in sl it is fine I dont care either way, but when they want to take it to rl then I am afraid yes I want to know, I would not consider a friend in rl that I didnt knoww basics of and that I could trust. acquantence maybe, but friend? they are hard won with me in sl or rl. Higher
  4. yes yes I get all that, but I think the start of the thread was about gender change in avi in sl? and if it matters, well no not at all, if you are not having a relationship with them, or just a couple of friends having fun but then the friends would know it a gender change ??? but if it is someone starting to form a friendship and they klie continues how can it be a friendship a deep oone I mean. if you dont know this information????? jane
  5. yep think you have, ) teasing, however I try niot to be cynical, I assume all here tell truth till I find out opposit, but what we are talking about here is relationships, to role play a part is not a relationship unless you go that way then truth is a must surely how can you build trust without it??? So all I am saying basically is that if you say all lie here because all is just role play people can never have a relationship here, and to me that is sad, Some good friendships have been formed here and the potential for more. how can that happen if all is lies????? or am I being nieve here Higher
  6. lying basically is wrong, if you are starting a relationship here, I noticed some said when role playing it ok, well role playing you all know it is a role, however, role playing is not an excuse to lie, all relationships are built on trust, and trust means you both know where you are coming from, so one role player and one not, both need to know this. higher.
  7. mmmm, I agree lying is what is the killer. I dont care what sex or age they are in rl as long as they are true to me, by that I mean honest , hate it when months doiwn the line you find it all been a pack of lies, and yet they expect the truth from you, whats that all about? double standards or what?
  8. Hi, It's not about the land but ho0w many prims you are thinking tou may need, space I have a plenty , hiowever prims I do not:) Higher
  9. well why can they not do bith ?? am I being thick here. couldnt they do a party sim and also let us do all our bits? SLB9 is about second life party , thats them isnt it> I am a resident here but I have not been here 9 years. so it is not my party, and while I am happy to celebrate with them and contribute if so called to do so. Its not my birthday??????
  10. The loss of traditions is always sad , but and it is a big but we can build new tradituionsL(, and about the rose tinted glasses dont wirry, mine will always be rose tinted thats what it means I see all things that way even the negative. I am just ssorry that my glasses are so rose tinted I never get to know half of whats going on . So for that I thank you at least today I am seeing a little of the SL cimmunity.
  11. well, silly me today I am just reading all this, I dont usually come here. This is very sad, I agree with knowl, how is a solo builder like me to meet new people, I did enjoy last years party, the little I could see of it, and I saw a linden in chat if you know what I mean, I thought they didnt really exist. The longer I am here in sl the more isolated I am starting to feel. Good jib I like building then isnt it.
  12. Well like many have stated before. I am not where near burn out. I just about learn a new skill and along comes another thing to learn. Will I ever catch up I ask myself. All that is besides the wonderful people I meet and play with. Yes as a learner world builder I do play as well sometimes. Rock on SL I say.
  13. I am on phoenix viewer and have been for some time I have always been able to buy lindens no matter what viewer I am on . But this last few days I can not buy and can not seem to be able to tell anyone about this I hope this is the right place to lodge this.
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