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  1. weird and confusing is, that it works in one direction, but not in the other: i must press 'play' when switching from URL 1 to URL 2, but not needed when switching back from URL2 to URL1 and none of the settings seem to influence that. somehow i have the feeling that it must be something in Centova-server handling this
  2. yes, i tried that setting in my preferences, but it makes no difference here. iz only starts playing music all the time 'against my will' when i move to other sims where i do not want the music. And i cannot make all all visitors change their settings because of this.
  3. I am fighting to have my stream sounding in my viewer automatically - but wasn't fully successful yet. Situation like this: i have a regular stream which plays music 24/7 in auto DJ mode (the standard stream), and a second stream which plays single songs only on request (i call it a "jukebox-stream") - both streams are rented centova-shoutcast stream on same server. In-World a have a switchbox which sets the parcel audio to the jukebox-stream as soon as it plays a song, and it switches back to the standard stream, when the jukebox is silent (using LSL-functions llGetParcelAudioURL(), ll
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