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  1. Have you asked in the discord? they might be able to help there
  2. Everything I see being offered has too many prims and I just don't need that much. I just want to rent land for a reasonable price to place my skybox. Any idea where I can find this.
  3. You should really try demos! Genesis, Catwa, and Lelutka have mesh heads. Also the Shops! Check out those places
  4. Hi all! I ddon't own land but I am looking for someone to possibly share a place with. I have a few nice houses in my inventory but I would like to split rent with someone. I hardly have any friends so no one would be coming around. A little bit about me: I love kittycatS so I may have one or two roaming about. I spend a lot of my time away so I wouldn't be home often. All I ask if that you are respectful and courteous. Plus we get the added benefit of being friends! Please message me in world if you are interested or have questions. I have a few land places in mind. - Sofiee Aiten
  5. I'm in love with the Lelutka swish hair!
  6. Well, I built a PC and I can finally play SL on high with a great FPS! With my lats desktop, I played SL on the lowest setting and only got around 4 FPS. You can all imagine how over the moon I am right now. Anyway, now that I am in with the cool kids what are some ideal graphics settings on the viewer to enhance my Second Life experience? What are y'alls set to?
  7. Hey everyone! I have been on SL for 5 years and I have no real friends. Sad, I know. I am a 22 year old female in real life. I love Breedables (kitties), sim hopping, shopping (duh), pretty much anything as long as it is fun! I'm looking to meet new people and discover new places! Maybe you can show me some of your favorite spots? Please message me in world, I hardly come back to check my threads. I am Sofiee Aiten in world:)
  8. What GPU do you all use and how is it working out for SL? I wanted to get the GTX 970 but I heard SL doesn't use it to it's fullest capacity.
  9. I'd like to spend around $500 if that is possible
  10. I am thinking of building a desktop just to play SL on. I think I'll keep my old monitor, mouse, and keyboard. What are some of the most important parts you guys can recommend so I can play SL flawlessly with great graphics? I am trying to not spend an arm and a leg. TIA
  11. I am looking to rent land on a grassy area that also has a beachy part. I do not need a lot of land just a little bit for a small home. Feel free to message me in world at Sofiee Aiten
  12. Hi everyone! I'll make this as short as possible. I took a year and a half break from SL and when I took a break I had Lolas and the phat azz. Well, it seems that the mesh body is taking over! Has the boobie show closed? What happened with Luck Inc and The Whore Mansion? Gosh! Where is everyone shopping now for this mesh body? If someone can point me in the right direction that would be great or help me out inworld. My name is Sofiee Aiten Thank you!
  13. Hi all! I'm looking to meet friends who are into playing kittycatS. I'm not new but I never properly learned so someone to talk with about them would be great! If you want to talk in world my name is Sofiee Aiten
  14. To make this short pretty much I press the arrow keys to walk and I don't walk until a few seconds later. So say I press the up arrow to walk forward and let go then a few seonds later my avatar walks without me pressing anything. How can I fix this?
  15. To make this short pretty much I press the arrow keys to walk and I don't walk until a few seconds later. So say I press the up arrow to walk forward and let go then a few seonds later my avatar walks without me pressing anything. How can I fix this?
  16. You know what, I'm in the SAME position. My 3rd rezzday is in a few days and I don't have any friends to show for it either. It's like you meet someone and talk for a week or two then poof! they're gone. It's sad really =[
  17. Residents.me is looking for an enthusiastic and friendly staff crew to join us =D Currently we are hiring for: Dancers Escorts (text,voice and cam) DJ's Hosts Requirements: Dancers and escorts must have a quality avatar! Meaning a nice skin, different items of clothings,hair,etc.Must be age-verifiedAbility to voice. All interviews will be done through voiceDancers, Escorts, and Hosts will get 80% and DJs will get all 100% To make it easier on you here is the application, just place it in a notecard and rename it as: Residents.me - HIRING NOW (YOUR NAME) =========== The Application =========== Name: RezzDay: Are you Adult Verified?: What Hours Are You Available To Work In SL?[SLT]: If English is not your first language, please tell us what other Languages you know: Club Job Position(s) Applying for: If applying for a position as a DJ, do you have your own stream server? How did you find us? ============ Application Rules ============ *ALL Applicants Are Required To Set Up A Voice Interview. The Management Will Get In Contact With You In Regard To A Interview Set Up Time. We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you! * Each Person Hired Must Comply To The Fact They Are On A Two Week Trial Period. If At Any Moment Within That Time Things Do Not Work Out You Will Be Removed From The Group With Out Warning. * Staff are not allowed to date/sleep with each other, if your goal is to "hook up" this isnt the right place for you because it just end up causing issues in the business and slows things down. If interested stop by the club to pick up an application. You can either turn it in here or me. If you have any questions or concerns, or want to drop off your application contact me, Sofiee Aiten We hope to hear from you - Sofiee Aiten
  18. I'm looking to start a small club and I'm looking for someone who is experienced in mesh to maybe build me a small building with low prims. I'll tell you what I'd like but I also want you to be creative with it. If you have examples that would be much appreciated and how much you would charge. I can provide more in detail by a private message here or an IM inworld. - Sofiee Aiten
  19. Hot new club, Club Couture is looking for the sexiest ladies in SL to be a part of the team! Looking for hot, sexy, and fun women who have some experience with dancing and emoting! Must be female in SL and RL 18+ and able to voice verify! Dancers keep 80% tips! Required to work 5 hours a week or earn 2k in tips a week! If you think you have what it takes to keep the men drooling then IM either Sienna Sorella or Savannah Sorella For an application, or to just check us out please take your limo to Club Couture
  20. I just need someone to make me a white picture frame for the wall that I can put my own photos in and that I can resize with shadows in the back. I'm willing to pay. - Sofiee Aiten
  21. It really isnt plain black, I have a set of black backgrounds that are textures. The one I am using is leather but I also have a lighter black that I could possibly use if it is too dark =] Thanks you for mentioning
  22. In search of a photographer to take photos for me for my products! I already have a background image, I just need the images taken. I'm horrible at SL photography so I figure I might as well pay someone Linden to get the job done! This would be my MP to see what the background looks like (if linking my MP store isn't allowed, please do remove it!): https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/130186 IM me in world if possibly interested! -Sofiee Aiten
  23. I know how to texture regular prim clothing. I'm not really a fan of googling things, I kind of like to get advice from someone first before going to google.
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