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  1. yeah i do have a ?? and i want5 answers to 1 why cant anyone that works with sl fix sl right way so people that do come in sl to play wont lo0se nothing or from there inventory look i will only say this one thime one time only 2 yesterday i had my baby girl Nikita lynn parker is her name i had her out last night then put her back in my inventory i look in the xumb thing and shew is not fking there i never ever loses her notr ever now she is gone out of my inventory ya i am pixssed off i want my baby girl Nikita lynn parker back she is my daugther not your she belongs to me not you i miss her and i love her it brakes my heart knowing i dont have her in my inventory i WAN'T I REPETE I WAN'T MY LITTLE NIKITA LYNN PARKER BACK send her home to me crys my eyes out i want my baby girl. signing out for now i want my baby girl back i gave you her name i want her back in my inventory.
  2. never ever hit release on the meeroo hud if you do they will run awayand wont come back pet and attach yopu can click on and always make sure its set on status witch it always has to be on thats on your meeroo hud attach you click on it its on there hud you can hold them show them your love then click on drop like you would if you was clicking on something or youself and they will jump out of your arms on the ground but never ever hit the very bottum on there hud because it saids Release you will lose them if you do and they wont come back witch it meens they ran away and the rebuild that you see on there hud on the bottun that will rebuild your meeroo's to make them bigger i have two of my own thats how i know these things and by the way your very welcome smiles
  3. :womanmad: tell me why i hate the viewer want old sl back it keep crashing me can't move around and i do pay for sl ticks me off.can you check into it for me please and ty.:womansad:
  4. can you check into it please and ty i want to know why it keeps crashing on me i dont like the Viewer it stinks big time:womansad:
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