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  1. Hey I heard somewhere when I was newer to Sl that there is a way to transfer over a whole account to an alt, it could have just been hearsay but id like to know if there IS a way for this to happen and how I go about doing it. Any feed back is welcome :)
  2. My emotes wont work either, I click on them and nothing happens locally or privately
  3. Okay so I have this club I go to but no matter the Landmark I get it Teleports me to the wrong spot... on the land not the sky...how do I tell the owner to make it so I actually land on the sky platform where the club is because its realllly high up hard to get to without a landmark I always have to ask for a tp. please help ASAP!
  4. Is the yabusaka baby just an avatar or is it more like zooby where its a prim baby?
  5. MoonSworn

    zooby baby

    I was just wondering if the newborn zooby baby grows to become the zooby baby or do you have to buy the bigger baby later on? I know the newborn is cheaper and I assumed its because you have to "build" it up, stages, points, etc. So which is it? Do I need to buy the other baby later on or is a newborn one all I need?
  6. Me and my hubby to be are having an SL baby. Now we have come across some people that sugested zooby babies, which is what I believe we are going with but I just want to see what else is out there. there was another baby someone suggested...started with a T but I cant recall.. anywho I just want to know preferences and experiences with what baby and the releative cost. would be greatly apprecaited thanks!!
  7. Hey all, so I am on a mission to find a Troo meeroo (hehe pun intended) I am not sure how small they come in since I have heard they are "limited edition." I would love a teacup, preferrably a 0.0 but I wil take a 1.75. I would like it to be male and have Irish or shywatch eyes!! must have the eyes! If you come across one or know someone who is selling please let me know where and how much! would be greatly appreciated, Ive been keeping my eyes open hehe
  8. So my daughter is pregnant and she has the happy birthday clinic pregnancy belly. the writing that tells her how far along she is is pink....is this just the color or does it mean she is having a girl?
  9. Okay so my boyfriend has the onduty **bleep**. It apparently can get you pregnant randomly... does it tell you like instantly if it does or do you have to wait a few days? and if you are...what happens next :S
  10. MoonSworn


    I use an Ao from Noya it comes with a whole avatar, one of her model skins/shape. I really love the movement, if you would like to see it let me know and I can show you before you purchase. I believe the whole avatar and ao was about 299L but I am not positive as I bought it awhile ago.
  11. MoonSworn

    blurred Avatar

    I have been having issues with my avatar's upper body blurring...no matter what I do it stays that way and its really starting to irriate me... anyone have any ideas besides the obvious to help fix this problem? tried rebaking a million times unfort. it does not help
  12. MoonSworn

    Foot issue

    I have recently had an issue with my feet...whenever I put on shoes of some sort they go all...weird on me..not sure how to describe them but its like they rez wrong and are all deformed...been bugging me..I have on a pair of lycan boots that arent doing it right now but the fox feet I usually wear and some highheels do it stil... any idea what to do? Oh I have also noticed that my eyes do not want to show like eyes should show.and yes I have cleared my cache, any ideas?
  13. So I was so excited to get a meeroo for a pet. I spent HOURS finding just the right one..and when I did for a good price I snatched his nest up..I was looking forward to seeing him so I decided it was time to coax....I did and he emerged and just stood there...I tried to left click and he didnt do anything and my meeroo hud wasnt giving me an option... so I clicked on the nest and it disappeared and there stood my meeroo...but he did a weird sparkly thing and then just disappeared! he was a baby he shouldnt have ran to the wild it said he was full so he didnt need food even though I put some out...soooo where the heck did he go and can I get him back??!!!!!!!? HELP *cries*
  14. I logged on and I only had 4,000 in my inventory when I had 35,000!!! I tried doing everything I could to get my items back but havent had any luck. PLease help!
  15. Glad I could help! :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
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