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  1. Is anybody having any luck with updating their inventory in Beta Grid? I have tried following the recommended advice to submit a support ticket - rater than a bug report, but the only advice I am getting is to clear my cache and re-set my password.... which is having no effect on the problem. The Lindens will not let us submit a BUG report it seems despite this being a problem which is afecting multiple users
  2. And the same here - 3 days and no update. Had to submit a bug report last tiem - about a month ago. seems I might have to do the same again... This cant be an efficient use of resources, but needs must :-(
  3. No answers I am afraid but a show of solidarity. I changed my password 2 weeks ago and my password for Beta grid still hasnt updated. I can still log in with my previous password but maybe if you changed yours recently this is the issue. I dont know whether we can log this as a bug or not?
  4. Hi there - thanks for the update. Unfortunately it doesnt seem to be working for me even tho I updated my password and waited 24 hours. has anyone had any success?
  5. Ps. I love being able to wear my 2007 hair in Beta....!! Grins....
  6. I saw someone posted on another thread that this issue has now been resolved.... So maybe we all need to try changing our passwords one last time, wait that 24 hours and then keep our fingers crossed...! Living in hope.....!!! :-)
  7. Yes sorry I was not clear - my understanding has always been that if I change my password this should force an update of my inventory in Beta - this is what I meant by inventory matching
  8. An issue that has been lve for several months in the community boards has been the on-going issue of inventory failing to sync between main grid and beta. It would be great to know what steps are being take to address this to support the creators who rely on Beta as a way to test their creations in development and who ultimately play an important role in fuelling the sl economy - :-)
  9. Would love to know if there is any progress on this issue? has anyone found a workaround?
  10. This is an on-going problem for a couple of months now - would be good to know if the Lindens are anywhere close to resolving it. I am finding it so frustrating!
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