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  1. Yeah, I know. I was just wondering if it was just me, or if everyone else is having problems with it too. I can log into beta grid, but it just.. Doesn't sync. I literally waited about a week before I logged in, and it didn't sync. Ughh..
  2. I changed the title. Thanks for posting your experiences, as well as other's, guys. Let's hope they fix this soon!
  3. Oh, so the problem isn't just with Firestorm users. Well, that's comforting(however disheartening) to know. Let me know if anyone has any solutions or updates. Thanks a lot, guys!
  4. Yes, I've changed it multiple times and waited at least 24 hours. The 64 bit version of Firestorm combines OpenSim and Second Life.. That's the only reason I can see that it'd be messing up. Stoopid OpenSim! Thank you kindly for the response. I'll fiddle with it some more. Maybe it's just on vacation.
  5. I wasn't sure where to post this, so I'll start here. If this is the wrong thread, then tell me where to pop off to and I shall waltz over in that general direction! Okay, so. I usually reset my password twice, so that I can use my normal password(since before, the beta actually reset, so changing my password back to normal was fine). This last time, however, I left it changed. My new password works on the main grid, whereas the beta is using my old password(and stubbornly refusing to update). I can only log into the site with my new password, my old one will not work. The newest firestorm update is why might be messing with it, I think, since it worked before I updated. Any ideas? If there is already another thread on this, I apologize for re-posting, and a link to said thread would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, guys!
  6. Zerxes

    Jaw Animation

    I'm using the newest version Pheonix Viewer. I asked the creator of the skin, and she doesn't know. So. I'll see what I can find in the scripts. If anyone has experience on what the script would possibly look like, that'd be helpful. I've never messed with scripts. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I fixed it. I went into the scripts for the lower jaw but I couldn't edit them since they were set to no copy. They were pretty standard.. lip, tongue, glow, color, something called luls.. And then files named 1-4. I deleted them and it seems to be working now. My jaw isn't moving anymore. Thanks so much guis ^^!!
  7. Zerxes

    Jaw Animation

    Yes, I have a sergal. The HUD for it has nothing pointing to the moving jaws though. I don't believe my vista animation avatar stuff doesn't either. >-<
  8. Zerxes

    Jaw Animation

    No, I mean when I'm typing my jaw moves. As if my avatar was talking. And I don't know how to turn that off. I have typekiller on, so I don't do the keyboard thing. But for some reason my jaw keeps moving.
  9. Zerxes

    Jaw Animation

    Nope, I looked. Anyone know what specifically turns it off? It's really irritating. :c
  10. Zerxes

    Jaw Animation

    How do you turn off the jaw animation when you type (the jaw moving as if you were speaking)?
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