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  1. I'm looking to purchase a full private sim, Grandfathered region preffered, but it can be normal sim as well. Please contact me in SL with the detials of your asking price, date of it.
  2. Looking for 3d Modeller to Hire, Skils needed : 3d modelling, uv mapping, texturing models Please apply with renders of your previous works, to meli@meliimako.com or at inworld with notecard please. Good remuneration for per completed project.
  3. Join my team. Best creatives creating the best SL experiences. Competitive salary, flexible hours, friendly environment, benefits, snacks-sodas-cereals (if you work from my studio). Read for more details and open positions here: http://www.meliimako.com/?page_id=3106
  4. Problem is solved and listings are reinstated. Thanks to Technical Team for working at the weekend aswell.
  5. Magicbox deliveries and synchronizing is not working so far since yesterday , Magicbox status page is down aswell so I can not enter to old xstreetsl.com for deleting and resetting magicboxes. Anyone facing same problems ?
  6. it look like Xstreetsl.com is down and so magic boxes are not working at all. all magic boxes deliveries are down up to now.
  7. Try deleting history and freeze transformations for the ones that comes out black.
  8. Portuguese - French - Japanese Translators needed for marketplace listings and script insturctions. i prefer human translation rather then google. Good payment guaranteed. please contact Meli imako inworld or email to meliimako@gmail.com
  9. If you are a professional and good at what you do (Scripting, animation, mesh modelling, texturing), a good income guaranteed. Please send me a notecard with reference works links in SL. Meli Imako
  10. yes, Anaiya dates are stated in their message. this coming weekend is commision free.
  11. i did open ticket to receive all "being delivered" states and they payed for them now they are also giving commision free days. i am quite happy with everything what more they can do come on guys.
  12. All green now but I can not mark my Marketplace items as "mesh" or "partially mesh"
  13. I have got the same problem. Can you fix mine too please.
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