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  1. thanks for your idea and I've experimented and without changing any height issues, I walk on the surface of SL ground and my building platforms, my floating island etc, and I'm directly above the surface not 2-3 feet like my sculpt ground on my swings... any other ideas? Atlantis Jewell
  2. I've been working with a sculpted ground surface for years. Suddenly, I'm walking two or three feet above the surface. Is it a glitch in the new uploads. I've rezzed several items that I made with this surface and to the one, each surface makes me walk above it rather than on it. Any ideas on how to fix it? Atlantis Jewell
  3. Hi, Thanks for your reply, but my balcony is made of all prims with a prim door, frame, and there's an empty space in-between. It isn't the part of the house that is mesh. Does anyone know why of the three prim doors in my home I can't walk out only two of them and the third one has an "invisible" wall, but after looking at the hole in the wall there is nothing invisible there. If this is a physics problem then please give me step by step instructions. Sincerely, Atlantis Jewell
  4. I was wondering if any other builders have run into the problem of balconies. I have a two person private balcony on the front of the home that I'm building. I finally got the doors to open and close correctly and I can walk in and out of all except for the balcony door. I click on the doors they open and it's as of there is an invisible wall there, but after using Cntrl+Alt+T there is nothing invisible there. the upper door is the same size as the lower door. I have used prim with the house and I've kept the mesh separate and will connect the two with a rezzer so there isn't mesh v. sculpt or prim issues. If anyone has had this problem.... and you know the solution please let me know. Atlantis Jewell.
  5. I just installed a portcullis door in my castle gates. I can open and shut them independently of the inner door script of the castle. When I touch the castle front door, this script now opens the balcony doors and the portcullis gate too. How do I keep from having all the doors open when I open the castle doors? Atlantis J.
  6. I have two scripts running in the gazebo that I am building. One is in the main floor that keeps phantom the prims that I put the word phantom in the name of the object. (I cannot modify the script.) The other script that I have is a texture animation script. I have used other scripts with my multiple phantom script before and never had any problems. The texture animation script after a bit will delete the other script automatically without me telling it to delete and no one can walk in the gazebo and they get stuck after getting up from the pillows. This is the error that I get: llSetPrimitiveParams error running rule #5 (PRIM_TEXTURE): arg #2 (texture name) string or key expected but integer given. I am not a scripter and have no idea, which script is giving me this error nor how to fix it. Can anyone help me? Atlantis Jewell
  7. I have been working with this script for weeks. It's originally made for big avatars, but I am a tiny avie and I need to be able to lower my avatar down. The script uses this to move the avie on a sit command: <x, y, z, s> I need to know what the x, y, z, and s does to my avatar and specifically what moves it u and down. Atlantis Jewell
  8. I normally build with my main avie, but I have been getting a lot of requests to build for big avatars. So I am in the process of building with my alt, but when I contacted a creator for permission to build with her items she no, but said the following: You can use them in your current avatar and just link it so your other avatar is the creator. I sent an inquiry to this creator, but she is ignoring me. Can anyone explain this line to me and if it is possible how to do this? Sincerely, Atlantis Jewell
  9. Recently, I have been attempting to learn pathfinding, however, it's been a trail. If you are a builder and have run into trouble, I have found a blog that is in German, but with all the translators out there, you can read it, I did! This blog helped me debug the pathfinder attributes, which the Second Life Knowledge base does not have on record. Here is what you do! Quoted from: http://echtvirtuell.blogspot.de/2012/08/pathfinding-ab-heute-im-kompletten-main.html The debug console open with > Developer> UI> Regional debug console . In the console window now set dynamic_pathfinding false and press Return. End Quote. The biggest of all thank yous goes to: Maddy's Blog. I can't speak for a sim/region, but this saved me from having to rebuild a huge build, might work! Atty
  10. HI, I just started making my own poseballs and trying to use my own anims. Everything goes according to plan until I want to stand up. I am tossed off my platform into mid-air, then I have to tp home, then back up to my building platform. I have linked my cushion with my posebll, taken it into my inventory, taken it back out and placed it where I want to link it to my build. Next I check it to see if I can sit where I want. However, the poseball, cushion, and I are again tossed off my building platform into space. as long as I am sitting... it's no problem. The moment I stand up the cusion and poseball disappear and I hit the ground or tp back home to start all over again! When I get back up to my bench, there is my cushion and poseball. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated! Atlantis Jewell
  11. In Firestorm, where exactly is the quick preference menu cause I can't find it, I have the same problem and I sink down to my neck
  12. I cannot see my classified advert at all and it does not come up in search, how do I fix?
  13. I successfully loaded my artwork. I selected the active and made the other selections and saved it. When I go to the listed section there is nothing it's still all unlisted. I go to the settings to click listed it works for a minute then says. We are aware of the problem and check back later. That was yesterday and the listings are still not being saved.
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