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  1. My gratitude to those who actually tried to help with some useful advice. For others, sim got copybotted. Period. Having only few posts here is not the same as being noob. Second. Hell if I know why would somebody go to the lenght of doing that. Third the exposure we made of their doing made them change it to extent, it's not longer the same as the original. So as far as I'm concerned this thread can be closed.
  2. Maybe. I guess it's okay than. Thank you for your valuable and helpful reply.
  3. Yesterday I got really sad hearing that one of my creators collection was copybotted before even the new release. Today I got a message from my friend and sim owner that her sim was compybotted totally. My question now is, can this even be filed to DMCA? Someone completely copybotting your sim with others creators content? This sim has been part of SL for a very long time and it's very distinct and special. If any LL support is here, my question is, is this what SL has become? Our content copyotted on daily bases and now even sims? I'm emotional right now. But this is getting out of hands.
  4. With another clean install of Firestorm poseball problem has gone. Happy for that! Reflections: I tested the same Mirror reflection windlight setting in Zen Viewer and it's of superb quality. (so sad i have to say goodbye to this viewer... my fav ever) I tested it also in latest version of Nirans viewer and it's way better then in Firestorm, SL client or Singularity but not as great as in Zen viewer. So my conclusion is that all viewers that are ready for SSB are behaving differently as others or their past versions. Maybe the solution is simple in tweaking the mirror reflection
  5. Thank you all for your helpful answers. I have the same problem in Singularity as in the latest version of Firestorm. However today I uploaded clean installation of SL client and after another test poseball seems to work. I will try to make another clean install of other viewers and see if it helps. Reflections are still the issue. I've tried all latest viewers (Singularity, Firestorm, SL client), i have ultra settings on with antialising on 16x, everything on max and taking snaphots of 5000x3000. Mirroring reflection is simply useless pixelated sadness. I tested the same specs on other
  6. Hi, Not sure if this is right thread but anyhow... Lately, whenever i make poseballs with animation in prim with any working script, after i sit on a working poseball it disappears on me. I only see floating text but poseball is nowhere to be found, not even with transparance on. Only when i relog i see them again. It's impossible ot modify them at all. My friend has similar issues. I don't know if this was discussed anywhere else before but it has become quite a problem. I can only work with pose stands but for couple posing that trully is a sitback. Second are mirror reflectios. I have t
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