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    Anyone else having voice issues?

    If by "reboot your system" he meant "restart your computer"... then it didn't work. I already tried that days ago. Weirdly, I logged in SL an hour ago, it worked, then had to restart my computer and now it doesn't work anymore... No wonders people prefer skype or discord now, at least there it always works.
  2. Selene Jurassic

    Anyone else having voice issues?

    Thanks for your answer ! Of course I don't have as answer but How can we change that, exactly ? 😨 What do you mean by "rebooting your system" ? And if it should correct itself eventually, how long will it take ? 😵
  3. Selene Jurassic

    no voice

    yeeeeep ! me too 😭
  4. Selene Jurassic

    Anyone else having voice issues?

    Ah ! I almost thought it was me ! Been into the grid and saw nothing too. Maybe linked to the update of vivox ? I hope it will be resolved soon... 😫
  5. Selene Jurassic

    serveur voice

    Bonjour/soir, suis-je la seule à avoir des problèmes pour activer la voice ? Avant tout fonctionnait bien et là aujourd'hui, plus rien du tout. J'ai beau ouvrir les ports qu'ils me disent d'ouvrir, changer de viewer, ça ne règle rien du tout... Du coup, j'aurais aimé savoir si j'étais la seule dans ce cas ou bien non ? Merci d'avance de vos réponses ❤️