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  1. check each product means spend the day on market :-(
  2. Hello, by 1st February last I saw that I have missing all mails concerning "Review activity has occurred on an item in your store” For now I have checked are around 15 but I continue to check. I have already done the procedure in "email settings" and I turned off - saved - reactivated "Shopping Notifications", and even the "Merchant Notifications". I make a test: 1. I changed my mail 2. with un alter I bought 2 of my items 3: I added review but I don’t received notification. 4. I removed reviews and then I received mail notification about this action. I try also to change mail /server but the issue persist. I talked with other Merchant and they have the same problem. I opened ticket yesterday but for now I dont received answer (maybe because was saturday) Other Merchants have the same ? Thanks for your support DaD DESIGN https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/22318
  3. Hi guys, i'm writing here because i got a problem. I've just came back after a year of inactivity and i decided to open a new store...my old store was DAD DESIGN'S and the new one is LOVE. DAD DESIGNS'S has been opened for 3 years, i've sold thousands of products, including items priced 20.000\25.000 linden and i NEVER had a problem. With the new store, i had already 3 bad reviews in few days, but since i'm not a rookie in SL, i know that those are just personal attack by the same person, with different nicknames (3 italian avatars, no pics, no interests, no payment info used and they wrote almost the same things). I don't believe in coincidences and first of all, I know exactly how to build all my products, i try them over and over and they are all exposed in my store, so that anybody can try every item before the purchase. Merchants have several rules to follow and I want to know if there is a check for the people who write these things. This is an embarassing situation and i'm getting tired of these evils. What should I do and what do you advise me to do?
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