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  1. @SHOCKWAVE u hit the nail on the head with your objective view, LL doesnt give a damn about their customers, after all those years I am therefore more and more convinced that LL is managed by 'monkeys'. Any other business that would be managed this way would go busted within one year, but the only difference here is that LL is feeding themselves on the weakness from their customerbase called ADDICTION!
  2. Hi Royce, thx for your post! Yes u r right, I have lag issues also. I am running SL on a high end pc with top performance, and everything set in ULTRA MODUS on a 24" LCD screen 1980x1200 resolution. Normally I never experience lag, but since last week it is running very unstable and increasing badly. Some of my friends have the same problems. Tried also the different viewers; emeral, hippo, normal sl viewer and the release, but it lags in all 4. hope this answer helps u forward best regards, Ghostdog Kohime
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