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  1. As a member who has a premium account, Land Owner (both mainland and private regions), business owner and owner of a combat chain of sims, I have come to expect a certain level of service from Linden Labs support. Up until recently they have met and exceeded my expecations, however, lately when we reach the Concerige service for regional issues, such as regions showing offline due to issues with servers, which in the past were fixed on the spot by those manning the live chat concerige service, I was directed to put in a ticket and wait. When i balked at that, it was suggested I call the toll free number for help. The level of support has slipped in a huge way. This does not speak well for a company who is charging 295USD per full prim region a month. Linden Labs has the expectation that we will pay our bills promptly and as their clients we expect that we will have prompt service. When directed to the ticket system, I reminded the young lady who was taking the brunt of my issue that it states right on the Help page. Live Chat Concierge users get live enhanced support If i'm having to turn in a ticket how is it that I'm receiving what I am paying for? I am of the opinion that Linden Labs needs to focus on their infrastructure and customer support, support those who are paying for your services. I don't know anyone who would pay for a service from say a plumber to fix a toilet, then as the plumber leaves and the toilet overflows, ask the plumber to address that and the plumber tell you ... Oh put in a ticket and youll get helped eventually, while you have raw sewage flowing over your floors. We expect service promptly from a plumber, a doctor, and linden labs. We pay premium prices, we have the right to expect premium service. I suppose I should post this under my main account. Spicy Braveheart lol
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