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  1. How to become one, I don't know. A few names that mean something to me in SL: Robin Sojourner (texture creator, instructor since a long time, having written a lot of documentation to help in creating in SL, as well as making available very good templates for creating clothes.) Void Singer (scripter, very helpful in the forum) Strife Onizuka (scripter, maintaining quite a lot of the LSL wiki) So, as it has been said before, "celebrities" seem to be relative to your field in SL :-)
  2. One would hope that timer events are not going to be lost. Chaos begins in "it seems like a good idea." I hope the tests prove me wrong.
  3. I don't like bacon, I prefer cheese. That said, I think that there's people out there really bored. I've been insulted sometimes, molested... and it's so easy muting and ignoring, that I don't get the point of harassing others, getting the deserved words, and being bothered by that, as the ones you tell us about. Maybe if you ask those people about logic, they answer "logic? what's that?" I'm sorry to tell, but people like them won't change that annoying behaviour.
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