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  1. Thanks all for your help. I'm replacing the broken huds with the kind help of shop owners, thanks to them also! I'll be making sure i move out before a restart next time ;-) Zoe
  2. maitreya huds are working again, i reverted to the previous version and received a new package for the new version. This one works. looks like something jsut broke all the huds ... could it be being logged off during a rolling restart? that' s when it started.
  3. i won't give up ;-) i'll take your advice, but the problem is accros stores, it's a general issue for all my huds
  4. thanks alwin. Howeveri did try both secondlife viewer and firefox, same problem. I re-extracted my maitreya update, it still doesn't work. Same version did work before. i'm lost for solutions
  5. all my attached huds that used to work are no longer working. I noticed that the option 'touch' is greyed out. examples of huds are maitreya hud, mama allpa and others. I have been going through all the settings and i can't find any reason why they are not working. I have tested with an object with a test script. When i attach it, the script runs. Huds also work on the same system when logging in with my friends credentials. So it's not a system issue,it is linked to my specific avatar. Has anyone else had this issue? and how can i fix it, it is very frustrating.
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