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  1. This sim is based on the TV show Supernatural with tons of roleplay to be had, we've got jobs and are working on putting in a money system, we are also using the DCS2 combat system (Currently down due to maintenance issues with DCS) for plenty of roleplay addition with the combat side. There are plenty of races to play from the famous TV show Supernatural such as werewolves, vampires, demons, angels, reapers, witches, and fairies. Admin roles are available which grant the race of arch angels. Some of the jobs include, hospital, fire department, police department, arcade, pizza restaurant, doughnut restaurant, coffee shop, bar, university teacher, university faculty, cheerleaders, jewelry store, judge, lawyer, jail guards, and many more. Some of the buildings include the jail, court house, university, fraternity house, sorority house, post office, bank plus many more for plenty of roleplay opportunities. We've got rentals as well as small as dorm rooms all the way to large houses for those who want a cheap place to live. We are also animal friendly, if you have an animal avatar than feel free to come by, we offer an animal clinic for animal roleplay as well. Since we are full immersion this means we'll have court cases, we'll have elections for mayor and much more than that over time, hurry on over to be part of this huge roleplay experience where just about anything could happen. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hunters%20Sanctuary/11/192/23
  2. There are many differences between Secondlife and InWorldz, while I may not be able to list them all I will tell you about InWorldz and also tell you about Secondlife. Inworldz is the place where everybody thats disappeared from Secondlife has gone to? Well I will tell you about this new place of course I will ask that you try it before saying you dislike it though, This new place is a new game all together just like Secondlife just alot cheaper. Notice how in Secondlife you need to spend thousands on everything just to get something good going for you well in this new place you dont have to spend much of anything at all, upload costs are free, group costs are free, building stuff is millions times easier, land is only $75.00 a month for a full sim with 45000 prims, money is only $25.00 for 12500 instead of paying $50.00 in Secondlife for 12500, and so many other things are there that will make your head spin. But you want to learn about the new Gor so I will tell you now. Some of you have heard of this new game and some havent but its grown over 5 years of being open and has gotten itself a ton of people inside of it, everything is cheaper there not to mention so soon enough everybody will be over there and secondlife will be a dead game all because of one thing, PRICING. Lets face it Secondlife has no plans to lower their prices on land, L$ or anything even if they have competition they dont see a need to lower anything. The money in InWorldz is called l'z$ the money in Secondlife is called L$ so their kind of the same. Now before you go asking yourself if things are more expensive seeming buying money on InWorldz is cheaper then it is in Secondlife? No things are not more expensive, and some stores that are in Secondlife that are also in InWorldz make their products the same price as they are in InWorldz. So let me ask you Would you rather pay $50.00 for L$12500? Or would you rather pay $25.00 for L'Z$12500 Would you rather pay $300.00 per month for a full sim (And possibly the 1000.00 set up fee?) Or would you rather pay $75.00 per month for a full sim (NO SET UP FEE) Those two questions are what adds it all together because in the end you'll be paying thousands of dollars per year when you only have to pay hundreds per year, below im going to give you a chart of what the normal person on Secondlife spends if they bought L$12500 every month for one year $600.00 for L$12500 for 12 months in Secondlife Now I am going to show you how much you would spend on InWorldz if you bought L'Z$12500 every month for one year $300.00 for L'Z$12500 for 12 months in InWorldz Ok now lets do land costs for 1 year Secondlife versus InWorldz (This is without the $1000.00 set up fee that Secondlife requires) Secondlife Pricing for full Sim- $3696.00 per year InWorldz Pricing for Full Sim- $900.00 per year So what differences in money are you deciding to put into one versus the other? For buying L$ versus L'Z$ your losing $300.00 per year of your own money by choosing L$ For buying a full sim per year your losing $2796 by choosing Secondlife for your land So all together your losing around $3096.00 all together by sticking with Secondlife and thats just if your paying for L$12500 and a full sim, chances are your paying for alot more L$ and alot of you probably dont want to buy land because you dont got $308.00 to put in on it. So for all you out there paying $3096.00 into here when you could only be paying $1200 into InWorldz per year I tell you this, that $3096.00 that your putting into Secondlife could be used to buy a new computer, new television, new games, new housing supplies, new EVERYTHING, yet your choosing to pay a difference of $3096.00 maybe because you dont know about InWorldz or maybe just because you think Secondlife is better and you are right in many ways, Secondlife is a place where stuff is more advanced and for the people out there that want to turn a profit and dont care about the fun only the money. But I leave the decision to you because it is your choice in the end, i am only here to tell you what differences that InWorldz has verus Secondlife, neither one is better than the other, its all about opinion because fact is not a word easily said seeming everybodies opinion is not the same.
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