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  1. This sim is based on the TV show Supernatural with tons of roleplay to be had, we've got jobs and are working on putting in a money system, we are also using the DCS2 combat system (Currently down due to maintenance issues with DCS) for plenty of roleplay addition with the combat side. There are plenty of races to play from the famous TV show Supernatural such as werewolves, vampires, demons, angels, reapers, witches, and fairies. Admin roles are available which grant the race of arch angels. Some of the jobs include, hospital, fire department, police department, arcade, pizza restaurant,
  2. There are many differences between Secondlife and InWorldz, while I may not be able to list them all I will tell you about InWorldz and also tell you about Secondlife. Inworldz is the place where everybody thats disappeared from Secondlife has gone to? Well I will tell you about this new place of course I will ask that you try it before saying you dislike it though, This new place is a new game all together just like Secondlife just alot cheaper. Notice how in Secondlife you need to spend thousands on everything just to get something good going for you well in this new place you dont have
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