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  1. WOW OKAY IM BACK - the solution was to get my avatar back to my ghost - it took a freinds help but got it done - and I found the best way to log back on during the problem was to just keep attempting each time I got the time answer - AND I never waited for the time - I did notice each time I logged on that the loading bar looked like it was loading - so I dont know what that was about I was hoping once the loading bar was fulll It would log me on - but that didint happen HUGZZZZ to you all
  2. Thanksgiving kinda got in the way of working on this issue - I appreciate all the helpful answers and am working on them one at a time -- but so far it looks like Ineed to upgrade my acccount to premium to get the problem solved thru LL because Ive not had a response from the sim owner in restarting the sim - and what's wierd is - Im no longer on my land but have "floated"?? to someone elses - so Ineed to see who is the owner of that land
  3. Aparantly I never logged off --- I have even restarted my computer, but that didint help.     How can I get my account to log off from In world?
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