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  1. Yup, I'm aware. The private grid will mostly be used so I can load my work in and get up close and personal with it. Walk around in an easy to navigate area, take a good look at the geometry for errors that I may not see in my editor since being able to switch the sim lighting at will helps reveal mesh flaws when I'm walking around, making sure my proportions are right and the windows aren't 5 meters above your head, stuff like that. I know physics is gonna be off, it's even off on Aditi and SL runs that so it's rather expected to be a bit janky, but for the basic, early on testing and inspection, it should do well enough for early tests before moving to grids I need to wait for connections with. (Plus, it'll let me actually test at all when this dang net goes out to be fair >_> ) --- Thanks for the links, both of ya. I'll have a look at them and see how it goes.
  2. Alright, so I'm looking for a way to set up a privately hosted grid, though really I only need one sim, without wanting to rip my hair out. I know fully it won't connect to the main SL grid or anything, and I don't need it to connect to anything outside of my LAN network since it's main use will be mesh and general concept/design testing. Yes, there is the ADITI grid I could test in, but I would like to be able to still work offline with a privately hosted sim, plus it would speed up my workflow since the local hosting would save me a ton of connection time (connecting to ANGI/ADITI after each edit to retest takes up more time than one would think) I know about opensim but, OK, I got no shame in it, just trying to read the directions for it gives me a headache. I get some of it, I'm no noob, but maybe it's just how they word it or something and, maybe, a simplified guide may be more useful to me? If anyone knows of any good, easy to follow, tutorials for setting up an opensim, would you mind pointing me towards them? I'm also looking for any other local sim/grid options as well, in case one would be better suited/less of a pain in the rump to set up. I know I'm likely asking for something that doesn't exist by asking for an easier to set up private grid system (or at least easier to follow tutorial for what's out there) but I figure there's no harm in asking. Who knows what some of you guys may have come across that may be useful, ya know? If you can help, thank you in advanced, if not, welp, thanks for taking a look anyways!
  3. From what I've gather search does tend to be the most used for those trying to find places, especially shops. Thus making it a more viable option for the long term. Plus the slightly cheaper cost does have it's advantages when the land is likely to be there for years, least that's the plan anyways. Unless I'm missing any advantages that the classifieds section hold which the normal search lacks.
  4. That would explain it. It does seem a lot of the guides and info out there is older at this point. Honestly it's making me think I should write up a post with all the info I've found during this little endeavor of getting moved to the mainland using group owned land for a shop and all that. Those little details matter when you want everything to run smoothly. Been on SL since '04 (That first avi is long gone though) and, man, sooooo many things have changed over the years!
  5. Oh thank you, that'll help a lot. Wish the other info I had found had said that!!! Woulda saved me bout two hours of searching! Thank's a ton ya'll!
  6. Not sure if you've looked into them, or if it would work for you since tetraplegia can vary from person to person, but there are one handed keyboards that may be an option. Trackballs can also be used as joysticks with a bit of coding trickery, which is what I did due to nerve damage in my hands, so if you have someone who can help you that may also be an option to look into. Not sure how helpful I'm being but figured I would mention the workarounds I'm aware of just in case.
  7. Hi there, quick question. So, I run a small little shop and it's on group owned land (I own the group) and I wish to set the land where the shop is to search. I understand that the fee for listing group owned land in search is split evenly among the group members, or at least that's what the info I found said. Is there a way to offset that? Perhaps some way to automate paying the group members the amount that would be their share of the search fee each week so they are not at a loss for being in the group or something of the like. I just don't want the avis in the group to have to pay for me listing my shop in search because doing that just ain't right ya know? It is set to a different group than the shop's update group so the ones in the land group are just myself and friends so they have full rights on the land but still, would rather them not be out any L$ due to my shop being listed in search. Anyone know a fix or workaround to that would work in this situation?
  8. Bought the 4096 plot. Thank you for the wonderful pricing!
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