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  1. Prüfe mal, daß auf deinem Paypal Konto genug Guthaben drauf ist. Wenn nicht, überweise etwas dorthin. Es kann möglich sein, daß die Zahlung nicht geht, wenn die Paypal Transaktion nicht sofort als abgeschlossen durch läuft. Wenn das auch nicht hilft, dann ist es ein anderes individuelles Problem und du solltest ein Ticket an Lindenlab schreiben.
  2. Homestead Sim "Hawaiian Shores" 65536 sqm 3750 prims Purchase: 200L$ Fee: 31500 L$ per month standalone, no neighbors, guaranteed You get full estate manager permissions secondlife:///app/region/Hawaiian%20Shores/108/148/29 Please send an IM to Marc Claridge inworld (No notecards) with your questions.
  3. Payment info on file is something different then age verification. Dont mix it up. In your account on the website click on account in menu and then choose age verification. Follow the steps on that page. When its done sign into sl inworld, open your preferences and choose on general tab rating for general, moderate and adult.
  4. @Wolf If a paymant is made, then the status in profile would be "payment info used". There are these 2 different states.
  5. That only disables the delivery notification via IM, but not the email about the sale.
  6. Hello, sorry that i have to correct you. Only the messages you got in local chat about the delivery can get capped. But this doesn't effect the item itself. The item will always be stored on the servers database. There is no limitation. Probably he (sorry or she, i cant see ) was in busy or away mode when purchasing from marketplace, in that case the items will be dropped and lost without notice. Or the other possibility is that the marketplace couldn't contact the magic box for any technical issues. Anyways he has to contact the seller for redelivery as you already mentioned.
  7. You could check in the control panel of you Email provider. Maybe there is set any doubles like two mailboxes or a email forwarder additionally to the mailbox.
  8. Yes, the land need to be deeded to the group for these abilities. When you just set the group in about land but not deed the land to the group the only permission you can give to group members is to rezz objects or run scripts. For any further permission you need to deed the land. In the group setting you can create as many roles as you need to give various permissions. For example one role Security who has permission to ban people, another one to return objects to clean up foreign objects and so on. But take care whom you give owner status in the group. This person you should trust because he can change everything. (I have experiences with some renters because of those issues).
  9. Hi India, thanks for explaining your reasons not to parcel the sim. I understand the interest of the builders that they need space and prims for their creations. But you should consider that there might come up an issue when your sim is filled up with renters what hopefully will be. Because you have to reserve the promised amount of prims for the renters, this limits the amount your content builders have available. Or in other words it might happen, then that a builder rezzed something very big and a renter has no prims available to rezz in this time. So my suggestion is the following scenery which covers all the interests. 1. Make parcels around the sim at the water side to rent out. Advanage: The renter is able to change the parcel settings as far as you didn't limit in estate manager window. 2. Give a primbonus to the sim (about 20%). Advantage: So you can have smaller parcels than they would normally be and so the area in the middle becomes bigger for the builders, 3. In the middle area you can provide a community place for renters and guests that they can have party. Of course you can set it to the goup of residents that they have permission to rezz or maybe leave open for guests to rezz, but then with auto return that you dont need to clean up. About the terraforming: You can disallow this in estate window, but in my opinion its not required. Its possible to bake the terrain so you can revert it in seconds if someone might mess it up. If you are interested please have a visit on my sim called "Niko". Ok its a question of personal taste if you like the style there. But it shows exactly what i was trying to explain. In the middle there is much space for guests or renters to meet and have party, and in the air above i have much space and prims available to build and i even rent out skyhouses there. Greetings, Marc.
  10. Hi again, yes right, a rental box can be set up in that way that the renter has to accept the agreement he got in a notecard. At least the hipporent system has this feature. Truelly there is much to consider about rules or how to organize. No doubt you have good reasons not to parcel the land. But on the other side this might cause other problems. For example people would like to set their own music or video url they want to listen to what wouldn't be possible on not parceled land. Hence, you could think about to limit some permissions in the estate manager window. But i cant give more advice about that unless i know more about your intensions and plans.
  11. Hi India, i will try to answer your questions in hope to find the correct words because english is not my native language. Its not required to have a covenant, but its very recommnded. Very good if you have good renters who are thoughtful and dont bother anyone. But unfortunately this is not the case with everyone. Some people need to get some rules or restrictions. So my advice is that you think about the rules you want to give the renters in order to prevent or solve upcoming disputes. There is no template or basic agreement because its up to the owners of a private region which rules they want to write in their covenant. LL dont screw you down with that as log as it goes along with their terms. You can look around to other sims and see the covenant in about land to get some ideas. But please dont copy other covenant, thats not nice. All owners should think about their own rules. The renter of a parcel has to accept the covenant in the diolag window when he purchases the parcel. So in your words it is binded to the parcel he owns, in my understanding its more like a contract, but it doesnt matter how to call it. In case of a dispute he cannot say, he didnt know the rules because he accepted while purchasing the parcel. For this reason its good to have a covenant. Greetings, Marc.
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