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  1. I'd love more details about her skin and outfit! A beautiful photo!
  2. Hello all, and thanks in advance for any advice. I am in the US, on the East Coast. I currently have FiOS for my internet service (as well as phone and television.) My contract with them is up in about 5 weeks. Due to the cost of their service, I am seriously considering a change to high speed internet through a cable company instead. There is a difference in the connection speed offered by each provider, and I would love some clarification about how this may affect Second Life for me (if at all!) My current connection with FiOS is 25Mbps/25Mbps. Using speedtest.net I find that I do get those speeds consistently (usually 2-3 Mbps higher on download speed and 1-5 Mbps lower on the upload side, but that is still very close.) I've found it great for running SL, but the cost is high and will only go up even with a 2 year contract. The cable service is offering 30Mbps/6Mbps with "PowerBoost." (I must admit, I'm not really clear about how PowerBoost works, or for how much data, but I'm told it can be a big help!) There is a possibility I could upgrade that to 50Mbps/15Mbps with PowerBoost again, but that would probably cost at least another $25 a month. I'm not sure the extra speed would be worth the cost. I've looked through the forums, knowledge base, etc. and cannot get a clear idea of whether it is download speed or upload speed which affects SL performance from the user side. Could someone please explain that to me, or point me towards an article or post where I can learn a bit more? If it's download speed that affects things from my side, I'm concerned that the drop from 25Mbps to 6Mbps may be a real shock (even with the help of the mysterious "PowerBoost"... then again, for my first year or so in SL I used a laptop and a wireless connection... ANYTHING is an improvement over that! ) If you have made a similar change in connections and speeds, did you notice a major difference? I will include my system information as well, in case that may play into this at all: OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Service Pack 1 Processor: Intel Core i7 930 @2.80 GHz RAM: 6.00 GB Triple-Channel DDR3 @ 534MHz (8-8-8-20) Graphics: 1024MB GeForce 9500 GT (EVGA) Thanks for your patience in reading this, please let me know if I can give any further information (and I am sorry if I have gone on too long already!) Be well, India
  3. Dear Marc: I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply to you. I appreciate your thoughts on this. you were very thorough and clear in your explanations. I have passed the information on to my friends, and they are excited to think they may be able to parcel property off to the residents without adversely affecting their building platform. Thanks very much for your help! Take care, India
  4. Marc Claridge wrote: "No doubt you have good reasons not to parcel the land. But on the other side this might cause other problems. For example people would like to set their own music or video url they want to listen to what wouldn't be possible on not parceled land. Hence, you could think about to limit some permissions in the estate manager window. But i cant give more advice about that unless i know more about your intensions and plans." note: partial quote of preceding post Marc, you are correct, the question of parceling or not parceling has come up several times. Thankfully it has led to few problems, but it does get discussed quite a bit! This information may clarify things a bit. As I mentioned, this is a full private sim that has residential and commercial rentals. (All rentals include a house/shop, plus an allotment of prims for the renter to use for furnishing, vendors, etc.) The idea was to use the open areas such as the moors, pond, and other scenic areas as public space so that everyone could enjoy them. So anyone in the land group can rezz a picnic basket by the lake, for example, as long as they are in their prim allotment (and clean it up when they are done, or if they are told it is okay, they can leave it for others to use.) I cannot recall any times that someone has taken advantage of using the "public" areas of the sim and rezzed something inappropriate or anything like that. I do know that a few times, people have placed things that they set to group, and gone over their prim count that way. (I must include myself, and a few mad landscaping schemes that led me astray... but I am much more careful now, I promise!) Residents cannot terraform, although the sim owners have worked with folks to make small changes if asked. The sim owners are content creators, and have a large building platform they use for making the buildings used on the sim and for sale. Parceling has been an issue because it limits the area where the platform can be, and at times I believe there have been difficulties. For example, if a cottage is being built on the platform, and the builder tries to rezz over a section that has been parceled, it can cause some small headaches. Normally everything is fine, but if something very large is being created "in the clouds", it is a bit easier to have the space for it to spread out and keep track of the number of prims it uses than it is to make sure it is all fitting over one section of the property. In addition, there are events hosted on a fairly regular basis, such as concerts, parties, and such. These usually require some sort of staging to be set up, and there again there is need for a fairly large area to be open for such things. It's difficult to dismantle a half completed castle on the platform so there is room below for the band to set up, and then put it all back later on. Most residents seem to like the stream on the sim already, but for those who care to use their own, we have found ways that work. For example, I myself have wanted to use a certain stream at a particular time, and have been able to pull up the url on my browser and pass it to others so we all have it running on our PC in RL and can enjoy it together. In one case where this wasn't possible (I forget why, but the tenant had trouble with it somehow) the owners did parcel off that area to allow for a radio to be used without it changing the stream on the sim or disturbing any neighbors. We also have rarely had any problems with griefers or anything like that, so very few people have ever wanted to use a security orb/system. I only recall two people asking to use that type of system, and in both cases they were able to set it up to create a bounding box that was just inside or outside the walls of their home. If you have any suggestions on the above, I would be glad to hear them from you. Perhaps there is a simpler method which we have overlooked, or something we have not considered enough? The owners have always wanted a sort of open and shared isle for everyone to enjoy, and it has worked well so far. However, it is always good to think about things and be open to changes. Thanks again, India
  5. Thank you both, these answers are very helpful! @Marc: Thank you for your reply, I find a lot of sense in what you say. I think it is helpful to consider what could be issues, and create rules around them in particular. I thank you for noting it would not be right to copy another sim's covenant. It is more fair, and more suitable, for us to make our own. On this particular sim, the properties are not parceled for people to "purchase" as they are on many other sims. (This choice was made for a number of reasons, and although it can make things a bit difficult in some respects, it has also worked well in many others. ) There is both residential and commercial space availible, and a rental box is provided for each, with the number of prims alloted to that rental noted. I think that a rental box can be set to give a notecard regarding information for tenants, and a similar dialog box can be set up to require renters to agree to the covenant. I will look into that. @Lizard: Thank you for mentioning the "No Covenant" covenant, it is a very simple and straightforward solution, and a great starting point for my friends. I think what may wind up happening in the end would be sort of a "low covenant" covenant, so to speak... in that people be reminded they are expected to pay rent, follow TOS, and add a few basic rules that might be specific to the sim itself or tenanncy on it. There is enough fine print out there, and too much of it winds up being meaningless and/or confusing. I'm open to any other ideas, so if people have something to share, please keep them coming! Meanwhile I am going to suggest my friends come up with a basic list of the issues they find most concerning, and what rules they would like to follow from there. Thanks again, India
  6. Hello everyone: My friends have owned land in SL for a long time. They started with mainland, and have gradually moved up to a private sim. They have always rented to anyone who is interested in having a home on their land. They have never had a covenant, or even a formal rental agreement as far as I know. So far they have been pretty lucky, in that people have been good tenants  who pay their rent and do not go over their prim counts (other than the ocassional miscalculation, in which case a gentle reminder always seems to do the trick) and respectful of their neighbors.  Due to a few things that have occurred recently, they have thought of putting a covenant or rental agreement into place.  Some is due to the changes in TOS, where they thought it might be a good idea to clarify things in writing. Some is due to issues that did come up with one tenant, where they did have some problems and want to try and keep anything similar from happening again.  And some is because we all learn over time that as folks come and go, what one person thinks is perfectly fine may not be to others, and it is maybe better to spell out a few things in advance and avoid any conflicts or hurt feelings later on.  My friends want to be responsible sim owers, but they do not want or feel the need for something exhaustive. They really want people to be able to enjoy themselves, and would just like to make sure that some things are clear for anyone who visits or rents a home or shop on their land.  So first of all, is there a difference between a covenant and a rental agreement?  Is either considered more appropriate for certain situations, or more... "binding" in a sense, as much as something can be "binding in SL when dealing with renting land? And secondly, if anyone has ideas about how to write either one, I would be grateful. Perhaps there is a template for the basics of either one that someone could point me to?  I did a search of the forums for "basic covenant" and "basic rental agreement" and found nothing specific. (What I did find did not seem to fit the situation.)  If there are other areas to search, please let me know! Thanks very much, India
  7. I'm saving in case I need it in the future...meanwhile see my post above, I got it done, and am still doing a happy dance! Heehee! Thanks so much :-)
  8. Ah, no worries, my head is usually spinning... in fact I feel strange when it stops, to be honest ;-) Okay, I can follow that! So, in my case, my primary account would donate 4608 sq m, and the premium alt account would donate 512 sq m. The rest of the land would be covered by the 10% bonus. Please let me know if I understand the procedure for all of this correctly: *First reduce donations to 0 in the group land menu inworld *Then change tier level in the Land Fees menu on the SL website *Then back inworld and donate 4608 sq m to the group again. (I assume I can leave the alt account alone, or do I have to re-do the donations on that one too? I won't be changing tier levels on that account at all.) Thanks so much! IndiaRose EDITED TO ADD: I did it....it worked! YAY!!!! Total contributions: 5632 sq m Total Land in Use: 5248 sq m My contribution: 4608 sq m Land available: 384 sq m From the Land Use Fees page: Sq meters donated: 4608 Premium bonus in sq m: 512 Paid tier level: 4096 $25.00 US/month Thank you so very much!!!! I am so glad this worked out, and I learned a lot from the whole process. IndiaRose Message was edited by: IndiaRose Muircastle
  9. Cinn, if I may ask you, how much land do you actually own or have donated? Is it 2048 sq m, or 2560 sq m? I ask because I see you have no available tier for land purchases. If you are maxed out at 2048, it would suggest Lindal's math is correct. If you are maxed out using OVER 2048, then it suggests your math is correct. So I don't mean to be nosy... except to wrap my brain around the numbers :-)
  10. Thanks, Lindal, I see what you mean. I keep thinking of the 512 for my premium account as "in addition to" whatever I pay for tier. So my calculations were based on paying for 4096 sq m and actually getting 4608 sq m for it before the group bonus. I see now it doesn't work that way. :-/ In reality I would only have to parcel off and sell a very small section, so it might not be all that painful to do so. Your suggestion about renting out tier is interesting, I might have to look into that one! Take care, IndiaRose
  11. Hello everyone: I am trying to reduce my monthly tier payments, and am confuddled by the mathematics involved.  I would love some clarification, or for someone to check my figures and tell me if I have this figured correctly or not. I currently own a parcel of mainland that is 5248 sq m, and I pay $40 US a month in tier. I do not want to purchase any more land, and would like to reduce my tier to the $25 US level.  That level only allows for ownership of 4096 sq m of property.  I love my property as it is, and do not want to sell off a section to reduce the size if I can avoid it. (Yes, I sound like I want to have my cake (or mainland) and eat it too!  Bear with me please, if I cannot I cannot, but I feel I need to try!) I have deeded the land to a group I own, along with my 512 sq m as a premium account holder.  In addition, I have an alt on a premium account.  She's a quiet little thing, spends most of her time meditating and knitting and lives quietly in a little studio apartment in the attics :-D  She has also donated her 512 sq m to the group. I know that groups can own up to 10% more than their total donated land, but I am never sure if this affects tier payments or not.  My thought is this: If I donate 4096 sq m + my 512 sq m premium = 4608 sq m donated. 4608 sq m + alt account 512 sq m = 5120 sq m donated 5120 sq m * 1.1 (for extra 10% allowed for group to own) = 5632 sq m allowed Since the land owned is 5248 sq m, it would be within the amount allowed to be owned by the group.  However, I am not sure if I can actually drop down to the lower tier, since the parcel I own is larger than what you can own under that tier to start with.  In my mind the math above makes sense... but will it make sense to the bookkeepers at LL?  Please let me know if I am correct or not in this, I would greatly appreciate it!  If I have missed a step or something, I would be glad to hear any tips or pointers that will help. Take care, IndiaRose
  12. I wanted to stop in and give a quick update. Faubio, thanks for your suggestions! I was offline yesterday due to some RL issues, but was able to do a cleanup of my system during that time. So, I checked my HD for errors, cleaned the computer cache and registry, and did a defrag of the hard drive. I also cleared the SL cache again and logged in today after the inventory server maintenance had happened. It seems a few other folks on my sim were having similar issues, so it may have been an issue there, and I believe they did a sim restart yesterday. Everything is working much more smoothly for me now, and I am able to flip skins and outfits and shoes like pancakes ;-) I am going to try and make a regular practice of checking my HD for errors and doing defrags and so on. My PC is only a few months old, so there is not a lot on there to check, but I forget that checking it regularly will keep things that way! Thanks again for your help! IndiaRose
  13. Thanks, running a different viewer is a good idea, and so is doing a HD check. It is not just the skins, it is everything I try to use or wear right now, even things that I have owned for ages and have never been a problem. The skins are new, so trying them on is what alerted me to the problem. Things rezz fine if I log off and back on after a few changes. It might sound silly, but normally I can sit and change clothes/skins/hair/shoes endlessly with only a small lag. This is just strange. I'm not even getting a notice that "something is pending for that spot" or "the item cannot be found in the database." IMs from my friends seem to be lagging quite a bit as well. I am getting some on email even before they show up in SL... huh? I use Emerald, but I know there is an update from the version I am using (1635) and I could update my LL viewer to the 2.1 version. I also have not cleaned my PC cache in a while! I use CCleaner, I will try that tomorrow. Errrrr, rather....later today... sees the clock and winces Take care, IndiaRose
  14. Hi Faubio, and thanks for your reply. I have already tried that exact technique to resolve the problem. I went to preferences > network > clear cache and clicked the button, then logged off and logged back into SL. I also tried doing that and then restarting my PC. The problem is not resolved. For example, I am in my SL home right now and after changing skins three times with success I am stuck. The one I chose as #4 has not come up after a wait of over 5 minutes. I also cannot change hair, nor can I change into any other skin or outfit except for something I wore a day or so ago... it is as though I can only go backwards through my inventory, if that makes sense at all? I have not yet tried to log in on the beta grid, but I could do that. I also wonder if this could be an unresolved "glitch" from the issues that LL had on the grid earlier this evening. I do not want to send in a ticket and flood the system with unneeded complaints since they are already busy... but reloading cache on Aditi can be such a pain, hehehe! I want to exhaust all options before having to do either extreme. I wonder if it is a sim issue, and if I need to ask for a restart? Any thoughts on what would suggest or warrant a request for a restart would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to put my landlords to any trouble if there is something I could do for myself. Thanks, IndiaRose
  15. Hi all! I purchased some skins this evening and have been trying them on.  It was a large package from a skin creator who is changing over their line, so I know I have to anticipate that each "flip" might take a little while.  The problem is, once I change a skin or two, I seem to freeze up, either with the skin not changing or getting stuck with my face looking like mush. I was logged on earlier when there were server issues, and logged off for a bit until they got resolved.  I purchased the skins after that, and that is when the problems started. When it first happened an hour or so ago I was literally stuck and the new skin would not come off, even with a rebake (alt-ctrl-R). I also could not see any clothing, even though my viewer claimed I was wearing the outfit I had chosen.  (I could literally only see the top part of the shoes I was wearing, the rest of me was nekkid, eek!)  I logged off and cleared cache.  Since then I have been able to change skins, but it is very, VERY slow, and is getting stuck again. The only thing that has helped at all is going back in the "pile" and putting on a skin that rezzed previously, then trying again.  Now even that is not working. If anyone has any ideas of what else i could try, I would love to hear them!  I could send in a ticket and see if the server is still having issues, but I wanted to try all other options first. :-) Thanks, IndiaRose
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