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  1. Tell your partner that I send my regards as a fellow Ivalde fan! As to shoes, I have found that even my beloved Stiletto Moody shoes no longer fit my feet, no matter how much I resize my avi tootsies. I think this is a hint as to where I should do my shopping first!
  2. Thank you, everyone! First of all, I mistyped when I said I was using Phoenix. I'm actually using the most recent Firestorm viewer. (I'm not sure why I said Phoenix. I remember the viewer dramas from years ago, and certainly don't want to revisit them!) I cleared my inventory cache, and on the advice of a friend I increased my cache allowance as well. I logged out, logged back in, and voila! Returned inventory! I immediately hopped onto a pose stand and started to play dress-up. That was always one of my favorite things to do in SL, heehee! Some things have not held up very well, bu
  3. Hello, all! After a long hiatus, I've returned to SL over this past week. I have started to embrace the mesh avi lifestyle, and decided to have some fun checking out my old prim clothing, to see what might still be wearable. I was quite started to find that many (I'm guessing over 50%) of my once susbtantial inventory is now comprised of empty folders. I started SL a bit over 12 years ago, and one of my favorite hobbies was shopping. I enjoyed a lot of stores that are now gone, such as Ivalde, Blaze, The Black Canary, and Evie's Closet. Those were some of the first folders I looked
  4. I'd love more details about her skin and outfit! A beautiful photo!
  5. Hello all, and thanks in advance for any advice. I am in the US, on the East Coast. I currently have FiOS for my internet service (as well as phone and television.) My contract with them is up in about 5 weeks. Due to the cost of their service, I am seriously considering a change to high speed internet through a cable company instead. There is a difference in the connection speed offered by each provider, and I would love some clarification about how this may affect Second Life for me (if at all!) My current connection with FiOS is 25Mbps/25Mbps. Using speedtest.net I find that I do get th
  6. Dear Marc: I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply to you. I appreciate your thoughts on this. you were very thorough and clear in your explanations. I have passed the information on to my friends, and they are excited to think they may be able to parcel property off to the residents without adversely affecting their building platform. Thanks very much for your help! Take care, India
  7. Marc Claridge wrote: "No doubt you have good reasons not to parcel the land. But on the other side this might cause other problems. For example people would like to set their own music or video url they want to listen to what wouldn't be possible on not parceled land. Hence, you could think about to limit some permissions in the estate manager window. But i cant give more advice about that unless i know more about your intensions and plans." note: partial quote of preceding post Marc, you are correct, the question of parceling or not parceling has come up several times. Thankfully it has le
  8. Thank you both, these answers are very helpful! @Marc: Thank you for your reply, I find a lot of sense in what you say. I think it is helpful to consider what could be issues, and create rules around them in particular. I thank you for noting it would not be right to copy another sim's covenant. It is more fair, and more suitable, for us to make our own. On this particular sim, the properties are not parceled for people to "purchase" as they are on many other sims. (This choice was made for a number of reasons, and although it can make things a bit difficult in some respects, it has also
  9. Hello everyone: My friends have owned land in SL for a long time. They started with mainland, and have gradually moved up to a private sim. They have always rented to anyone who is interested in having a home on their land. They have never had a covenant, or even a formal rental agreement as far as I know. So far they have been pretty lucky, in that people have been good tenants  who pay their rent and do not go over their prim counts (other than the ocassional miscalculation, in which case a gentle reminder always seems to do the trick) and respectful of their neighbors.  Due to a
  10. I'm saving in case I need it in the future...meanwhile see my post above, I got it done, and am still doing a happy dance! Heehee! Thanks so much :-)
  11. Ah, no worries, my head is usually spinning... in fact I feel strange when it stops, to be honest ;-) Okay, I can follow that! So, in my case, my primary account would donate 4608 sq m, and the premium alt account would donate 512 sq m. The rest of the land would be covered by the 10% bonus. Please let me know if I understand the procedure for all of this correctly: *First reduce donations to 0 in the group land menu inworld *Then change tier level in the Land Fees menu on the SL website *Then back inworld and donate 4608 sq m to the group again. (I assume I can leave the alt account
  12. Cinn, if I may ask you, how much land do you actually own or have donated? Is it 2048 sq m, or 2560 sq m? I ask because I see you have no available tier for land purchases. If you are maxed out at 2048, it would suggest Lindal's math is correct. If you are maxed out using OVER 2048, then it suggests your math is correct. So I don't mean to be nosy... except to wrap my brain around the numbers :-)
  13. Thanks, Lindal, I see what you mean. I keep thinking of the 512 for my premium account as "in addition to" whatever I pay for tier. So my calculations were based on paying for 4096 sq m and actually getting 4608 sq m for it before the group bonus. I see now it doesn't work that way. :-/ In reality I would only have to parcel off and sell a very small section, so it might not be all that painful to do so. Your suggestion about renting out tier is interesting, I might have to look into that one! Take care, IndiaRose
  14. Hello everyone: I am trying to reduce my monthly tier payments, and am confuddled by the mathematics involved.  I would love some clarification, or for someone to check my figures and tell me if I have this figured correctly or not. I currently own a parcel of mainland that is 5248 sq m, and I pay $40 US a month in tier. I do not want to purchase any more land, and would like to reduce my tier to the $25 US level.  That level only allows for ownership of 4096 sq m of property.  I love my property as it is, and do not want to sell off a section to reduce the size if I can avoid i
  15. I wanted to stop in and give a quick update. Faubio, thanks for your suggestions! I was offline yesterday due to some RL issues, but was able to do a cleanup of my system during that time. So, I checked my HD for errors, cleaned the computer cache and registry, and did a defrag of the hard drive. I also cleared the SL cache again and logged in today after the inventory server maintenance had happened. It seems a few other folks on my sim were having similar issues, so it may have been an issue there, and I believe they did a sim restart yesterday. Everything is working much more smoothly
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