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  1. I'm running macOS mojave public beta 2 unfortunatley no viewers work but the linden labs original one which i'm lost using it. any ideas solutions? thanks
  2. its the best laptop apple came up with so far i'm in love with it ok for the problem i'm using firestorm downloading the v3 now and let us hope it will work
  3. Thank you yes voice is working on everything skype etc but not on sl and this new retina Mac book pro doesn't have socket for external microphone anyways
  4. i wanna bite you in world lol thanks but this still can't let me voice yet i can hear people talking
  5. hi there in fact i have two issues since i did the upgrade 1- I lost ability to seak yet I can hear others talking 2- crashes in less than a minute how can you help? any clue? Thanks
  6. Thank you a million Charlotte yet it says my system is up to date and I have no clue how and where to download java JRE 6 thanks again for the help
  7. Thank you a million Charlotte yet it says my system is up to date and I HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE JAVA JRE 6 oops sorry for the caps thanks again
  8. hi again anyone has a clue why can't i voice since I did the upgrade to lion mountain? thanks everyone
  9. Hi guys I can't voice ever since I upgraded my Mac book pro to lion mountain however I can hear people talking voice but I can't :matte-motes-stress: any clue anyone can help me please
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