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  1. Full prim sims for sale. Full transfer USD 350 (including transfer fee). Sim 1: Tier due on april 5 Sim 2: Tier due on april 1 SOLD! Contact SimonLeo Roelofs.
  2. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetKeyframedMotion
  3. Tier due on the 24th Price: USD300 (including transferfee) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Schoondamme%202/49/91/35 You can also rent the sim for L$19000 per week. Current renters have been notified and will be refunded if need(or the move to one of our other sims) Contact SimonLeo roelofs for more info.
  4. Full prim sim for sale: Jomtien Full transfer. USD 350 Class 5 Tier due on the 22'd. Transferfee is included in the price. Renters are currently moving. You can also rent it for L$19000 per week.
  5. I have 2 available. 1 on Isle of DisQ and 1 on Ultima. Both are currently devided in 4 4096 sq.m. parcels but can be joined into a 1/4 sim. L$6000 per week. http://landstore.virtuateq.com IM me(SimonLeo Roelofs) for more info.
  6. I would not have been in SL if it required me to tell a company I didn't know, let alone trust, my personal data.
  7. The "locked out of their sim" part is what interests me also. I recently had a griefer on one of our sims that had me thinking on how to fix it for a while. The griefing effectively crashed my viewer about 5 times. But after that I figured out how toget it fixed quickly. Some prevention is possible but it is mostly smart use ofthe land poperties and auto reporting of things that are 'out of the ordinary'.
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