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  1. Forget it I guess no one is understanding what I am asking
  2. Well when I signed up 11+ years ago I signed up as a premimum user where I got to pick my last name. Does is still work like that today ????
  3. I did t read it but maybe someone knows the answer...If someone new signs up with a premimum account do they get to pick a last name , or is that an extra charge.
  4. Not that I am ungratefull for all the work the designers do in SL for LL, but would it not be more appeasing to the eye if the windows were situated a bit different , I have windows that are not centered in my linden home that really make decorating a night mare.
  5. I always felt alts where just a way someone could cheat on you. The valid reason to help with builds poses and things I can see that cause it is hard to set poses up for both male and female
  6. Same issue has happend to me after 4 years or so on here. Linden Labs will not help if you cant get ahold of the Person who sold you the item. I have been submitting support cases on this but they refuse to help.
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