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  1. I am a volunteer and Ranger coordinator at the Burn2 event. We are unsure about the policy of allowing naked child avatars, with all the bits, at the event. We have combed through the policy and wiki, and some of our staff and participants are divided on this issue . Burn2 is a M rated event, nudity is allowed. There is NO sexual or adult behavior, such as animations in objects, so ***** references should not be relevant. It is unclear on what is allowed for child avatars. this is all that we can find: "Child avatar nudity has been called into question as well. While no language specific to nudity was included in the initial policies, child avatar nudity of the genital or chest regions, including in otherwise non-sexual situations (skin vendors, for example) can be a violation. This also applies to parcel descriptions: nudity or "clothing optional" language can not be included in a parcel description on a kid-specific area." Any official clarification is most appreciated. Leondra
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