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  1. I have been trying to learn from this thread to solve a problem I have and so far I'm not getting there, yet, lol. Here is my issue. I have a roomba in my shop on a floating island. The roomba is physical, so that it can bump around the walls on the inside of the building. I have sliding double doors in the shop. The doors are mesh, they are linked to a frame that is separate from the building. If need be, I could unlink them from the frame and have them as separate objects if necessary. When all goes well, the sliding doors open and close to let people go in and out but the roomba stays in. Every so often, someone gets the doors to stick and stay open. The roomba goes out..... and then it's off vacuuming the sky..... So, I'd like to find a more reliable script for my door that would only let avatars go in and out. I would prefer the double doors to slide, but I tried Rollig's cafe doors. I thought they would do it until I watched the roomba open them and go out! I don't know a lot about scripting, can anyone guide me towards something that's not super complicated (or well explained) that would do a good job for what I want?
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