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  1. Long story, I'll make it short....I was ghosted after knowing someone for 2 years. One day he said he was going away for the weekend. He never signed on again. I knew his alt. and his alt did not sign in either. I kept a look out for him, and googled his name every month or so to see if he died or what happened. I e-mailed a few time, no response. A while goes by, and I stop looking. About a year later I see his avatar appear in one his/our old haunts and is now female with a totally different profile. They state they bought the account or switched accounts. They were very vague. Soon afterwards a friend of mine googled his name and the person who disappeared posted a product review on a popular website.. So now I know hey were alive, and just ghosted ALL his friends (it is not a common name) Fast forward years later...an acquaintance of mine and I figure out, after I was ghosted and stopped looking for him, his alt became active and dated her for a long time!. Not too long before this conversation, my acquaintance said she got a message saying he (as the alt) passed away. Well, I knew his RL name...so I decided to just have a look on a social media site....and he was alive and going on vacation! With me, I knew his age where he lived, e-mail, real name etc. With her he said he was 20 years younger, and lied about many things except his occupation, first name and birthdate. All he had to say was..."bye it was nice knowing ya..." Cowards!
  2. I get the following error when trying to send a gift either to myself or someone else tries to send it to me on the Isle of view vendor. Sorry, we can't identify LADYROSE WRITER so we can't process your gift request. The person's name might not be searchable, or you may have misspelled it. Please be sure to type the login name -- not the Display name -- of the person you want to send a gift to. I have also tried to send it to other friends and others have tried to send to me, and they could not. Why? I do not use display names and my avatar does not have the last name resident. I have tried ladyrose writer, ladyrose.writer, ladyrose resident, ladyrose, ladyrose_writer...what is the correct format for my name? can you please try it? I would have liked to donate, but only one friend of mine comes up. how would my name not be searchable? I can search for, and find, ladyrose writer. Help me prove I exsist!
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