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  1. Thanks. I wrote her but got no answer :-(
  2. Hi SL residents! I always liked princess Jasmine Disney charater but I could never find one in SL that would be good made. May be one of you knows one. If not the full outfit it would be also nice find such jevellery and\or hair. The best hair I found was LeLutka, it's mesh and a bit similar but not so close. Objects should be mesh and the best if clothes would fit Maitreya or Slink Houglass bodies. Thanks for any help!
  3. Thanks! I was dreaming about direct market inventory control from SL client (a la dropbox). Pity thing! ((
  4. Hi! Maybe someone already asked it but sorry I try again ) How could I edit all my items. I thought it would be nice and easy like manage folders in inventory. But I cannot find the way how I can edit already existing items (update it for example or change LM) in SL viewer nor in Marketplace site. There is only the way in Marketplace site to see the folder and object permission but not to change/delete them. Thanks for any help.
  5. ¡Hola! Y bienvenidos al foro oficial de SL. Tu pregunta es un poco incorrecta. Aquí no decimos las ciudades sino los sims. Un sim es un terreno donde puede estar una ciudad, bosque, castillo y ect. Tienes que usar teleport para moverte de un sim al otro. En buscador de vizor se puede encontrar otras destinaciones que te interesan. Y sabiendo a donde quieres ir solo tienes hacer un click sobre este enlace para transportarte por ahí.
  6. Did you tried another viewer? I mean not official. If not try Phoenix or Firestorm. It might works.
  7. Hi! It might be your internet connection problems. Try to restart the viewer, your system or reconect you and connect again your internet. Another thing it might be the speed of connection. If it's too slow you could not connect to SL. So try also swith all torrents and other programs using internet connection for downloading. Sorry for answer in English but I understand Portuguese but cannot write or speak it. I belive you could understand my message.
  8. Hi Vaevalex! No, you can not play SL instuments directly from your real life. But you could always organize a life concert by broadcasting your sounds you are playing in real life to SL. And it might be a good idea to buy the same instrument in SL just for decoration. :-) Good luck!
  9. Thanks you all for your comments. I thought may be there is something I could do and if even dont fix problems to improve delivery.
  10. Hi! Recently I have a lot of problems with delivery in Marketplace. When my customer buys the item first its "Being Delivered" for quite a long time and after follow "Delivery Partially Failed". This does not happened with every item but with many of them. What should I do? Thanks for help.
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