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  1. No I doubt you lost them. The objects that were placed in the building when you took it up, are probably still attached to the building, or floating in the air where the building was.Find the building copy( the same exact one you took up) rez it, and your objects might be there. I f you rezzed a new copy of the same building, it will be empty since no one put any thing in it yet. Find the exact copy you took up.Rez it and look for your things.I do this sometime, so when I re rez my house, most of the furnishings are rezed where I left them when I took the building up. Next time, use the rezzor and De rez.
  2. If your av is still broke, look around at different virtual worlds. There are several others. Most are lame, but they function. SL may fix all the broken av;s their upgrades and 2 month series of restarts caused. maybe not. I now spend more time here than in world. I cant im or tp in world either. so this is good.
  3. where is the link for the second class second lifers , (non paid) go.
  4. I have had the same prob since end of SEP. when the LL upgrade fiasco started. Are you unable to see names, anyones, in some places where they should be? like contacts, groups, about land, in the edit box on objects?Have you lost the ability to initiate Im's?well I have come to the conclusin , thses problems are un fixable. sorry.oh wait , you can file a ticket with support, just find where they hid it . Guess it is unfixable.
  5. My av has been broken since the upgrades started in sept. Usuall, my landlord could get the sim restarted and it fixed the problem till restarts began the next day.Unable to tp w/out crashing, can't initiate im's, or see names in contacts, about land, or on objects thru edit. I found SL made it very difficult for basics to get support. I was a paid member, now a basic, there is a huge difference. Personally I havent spent 1L$ since the first of Oct., Gave up my land rental, always log in to one sim, and if I dont like it there, I log out. Crash on tp anyway so may as well start Red light Center again. Its kind of lame, but at least it works.MY advice to members, find a land lord on Mainland sims, look for cheap rent, and agree to rent for one week , on condition as soon as your name is listed on the pacel, have him get LL to restart the sim. This worked for me several times in october & Nov, but I broke again on LL's next round of restarts. It got old so I just chose to opt out, and use sl less. CTRL shft H is the new CTRL Q !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!good going LL!!!!!!
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