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  1. Hello and Happy New Year Everyone: I need some assistance on the following: I'm attempting to start my own design line this year and I wish to begin with shoes, so I went to market to find a shoe to practice on to learn in which areas I need help with in terms of placement of things and texturing, however, upon looking, I realize there's a difference in sculpts, so I would like to know the following: What is the difference between baked and wooden sculpts? Is either one easier or harder to work with from the novice perspective? Which one is more relistic looking in terms of laying textures and different shoe designs? What are some of the pros/cons of working with one as opposed to the other? From a customer's opinion, which is recommended in terms of ease of wearing, skin matching, look, etc? I know these are a lot of questions, so I thank you all in advance. PS I read the wiki page concerning this but it doesn't quite answer the questions above that I have... GG ** No Peter I know what a sculpted prim is I think i was very clear in my question not sure if you read what I'm asking in its in entirety, but thank you for your response hopefully it might answer someone else's question relating to what a sculpted prim is...HNY to you ***Thanks Lin, this is more on track to what I was trying to decipher...and I will be making my own I stated I'm buying this since i'm new to making shoes and want to know what the process is like...but thank you for your advice... so as I understand your response...its easier to apply textures to the baked than the plywood, is that correct?
  2. O Goodness me, sorry to trouble you all but we are talking, thousands upon thousands of lindens here, so I need help, stat!! Okay so I recently moved and on top of moving, I had some work that I needed to complete, and responses to answer, safe to say I was extremely busy on the day in question... Thus to save time from a fully furnished 6 floor mansion, I thought I would just send the things back to my inventory rather than taking up all 6 floors, 6 plus bedrooms baths, game room, theater, laundry room, library, office, kitchen, foyer, basement, winery, and landscaping...but now when I go to get some of the furniture from my inventory its not there? Question: Did I lose all my beautiful furniture, art, knick-knacks? Is there a way to retrieve my items? I tried re-rezzing the hourse, but the house is over 50 pieces...to do it piece by piece would take an SL lifetime...please help I really don't want to buy furniture all over again..PLEASE and THANK YOU KINDLY... GG
  3. Greetings and Hello: I continuously get script errors in my home. I remove the items I'm wearing with numerous scripts but it doesn't seem as if that's doing the trick. Thus, what is the safest way (without damaging my items) to remove scripts? Which ones should be removed? What to do if you have an item with a script, you wish to remove, but the item is no copy? Lastly, but this may be rhetorical at best, why make these beautiful items with scripts if they're known to be complicit in causing lag, why make items with resize scripts at all, why not make the item modifiable? I know some things require scripts but what is the happy medium between not being a contributor of lag and script errors and owning beautiful items that require scripts ? As usual, thanks in advance for your comments/resolutions/assistance GG
  4. Hey all GG here, although I've been for a little while, I've never heard of such a thing so I'm gonna run it buy you all and you can tell me what I can do to help my friend... I have a friend who recently joined SL (8 months old) , She doesn't want me to use her name so I will refer to her initials "CR" , she rented some land, but her landlord told her he would give her a better deal if she purchased the land and then she would only have to pay for the prims she used and the land in effect would be hers, CR, took the landlord up on his deal and according to her all was smooth. However, recently CR ran into some issues and fell behind on the prim payments, but the LL worked with her but yesterday CR told me that the LL told her if she didn't have the lindens to pay that day she would have to pick up her prims and lose the land? Again I never heard of purchasing land from a LL rent yes but I thought you could only "purchase" and for all intent and purposes "Own" land from Linden Labs, so I'm stuck on what to tell her to do, is he correct about reclaiming the land, CR "owns" if she only was paying for prims? Was this deal on the level? I really hope this landlord didn't take advantage of her, Would appreciate any advice you guys can give to help her out... GG Thanks Ro, but i'm still uncertain how your response relates to my question at hand. You explained how being a landlord works, but that's not my question, if a person owns something then shouldn't they be able to retain it until they sell it? Since CR was not paying for land, (my understanding from CR is she paid a hefty price for this land) and was behind on prim payments I would think the LL would've given the option to sell the land to make up for the arrears, but again I don't understand how this works, how can you purchase land from someone who is effectively "renting' themselves? This sounds shady to me, but again I admit I'm not well versed in this, so that's why I posed the question here...Your response would work well If I needed a lesson in becoming a landlord, I'm asking I guess from the tenant side, but again I thank you immensely for your response... I guess what i'm trying to ascertain is this, if I own land and allow a person to build a house on my land if they fall behind in their mortgage payments, the bank can't foreclose on my land, only their house- so how does CR's landlord get the prims and the land?, not sure how much she's behind, but after paying something I would think you own it. This example might make it a little more clear, after paying off your house, if you fall behind on maintenance fees, they can't take your house for fees? it just seems CR lost out big on this one... which IMO, Linden Labs should explain these details a little better or not allow anyone to rent/buy until they are here at least a year with a good understanding of how things work with land ownership, which is really not ownership, because, as I understand, we all are just renting from Linden Labs, but the system seems ripe for abuse, especially for those just venturing into SL. I hope one of these examples provided a good analogy, its the only one I could think of that fits this situation...not the best, just the only one I came up with at the time...thanks ETA: Okay, I got it now...so CR is SOOL, I will show her the repsonses and I thank you all...huggies
  5. Hey all, While out shopping I attempted to tp into my favorite shop, when I got a message "NO VALID PARCEL COULD BE FOUND" seeing as this was on the same day many sims in SL were having issues I let it go, the next day, same thing, so I pose the question in the store's group, if anyone else is having problems, no one else were having any issues going to the sim, many went and tried to tp me (send me a taxi to) the store all to no avail, I contacted the owner of th sim but she is making a new collection, so she hasn't responded to me. I don't know what to think, everyone else can get to the store and sim with no problem, yet I know if you're banned, you usually get a message stating that. Thus, is "NO VALID PARCEL COULD BE FOUND" the new sim/parcel ban? I'm asking because I don't want to believe I've been banned, I don't want to think negative, I would prefer to have some insight into this or the plain truth would help..Any ideas guys what this means and how to resolve it? Have I been banned and I'm just in denial about it? Your help is appreciated.
  6. I'm wondering if this has ever happened to anyone and if anyone has any tips for resolution. I have an alt that I use for business purposes and it appears that, now my firestorm viewer will only stay stable on my alt, if I try to utilize it on my main account I continuously crash and it will only remain stable for a few minutes, but on my alt, I have no problems whatsoever, same preference settings, same computer, just different accounts? I don't understand what the issue is, could it be the attachments affecting the stability? That's the only difference that I can tell; my main account has more tat layers and attachments than my alt; I tried updating to firestorm 3 (mesh) but, the UI, is considerably different than FSv2 which I've been using since they updated it from the original version with no problems, and I really don't like it, too many changes, but that's just a personal preference, I would prefer to remain on FS2...Please someone HELP MEEEEEEEE *tears *Additional info-I crash whether I'm standing still, going to another room in my home, going to another sim, doesn't matter, I just crash after a few moments of logging on, if anyone here utilizes Firestorm, I would appreciate your help, as for now the only way I'm able to log in and stay on is by using SLV3, and I'm really uncomfy with this viewer but its the only one I have that will allow me to be productive...I understand this is pretty peculiar but I would appreciate any help that I can get, thank you in advance... ** Sorry I couldn't see where to respond, so I'm entering my responses here, I have cleared the cache which doesn't work, well I should say it works and allows me to stay logged in a bit longer but ultimately I still crash like before, not certain about the reinstall as that would suggest that i'm having issues with both accounts and its only with my main account, if I log in as my alt, there's no problem, I can perform normally and I don't crash at all? -I don't see where to post in this phoenix/firestorm group, I don't see a group when you go to the page it says to email them, so thats why I post here, if anyone has a link with previous posts that I can use I would appreciate that, I sent the email, but since they are so busy with FS, I thought I would get a quicker response here* shrugs, but thank you I appreciate all responses THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE, I'm going to attempt to remove some attachments, as I'm not certain how to move my alts cache, i'm good with cps but I wouldn't consider myself a guru or anything...thanks so much don't know what I would do without this forum...PS I posted the same issue in firestorm group but didn't receive much help, I got an offline email stating it was placed in a jira (what is that? ) but no response to the issue. so I thank you all once again..hugs GG
  7. How many attachments and tattoos can we wear at any given time? it seems at a certain number I'm unable to add any more and I begin to lose my face, meaning, my body is visible but my face is either gray or the color of Ruth? Now is this an SL issue or is something going on with my PC? Which is still fairly new but perhaps its my preferences settings, I may need to adjust them but I'm not quite certain what to adjust, thanks as always for your comments, feedbacks and responses, they are greatly appreciated and welcomed... Hugs GG
  8. Hmm I did that and now I'm an egg? LOL Ham murcy, if its not one thing its another, I'm certain it will work out eventually. thanks for responding, as always i truly appreciate all your assistance and guidance...Hugs GG
  9. Greetings and hello, after saving an outfit to my folder, I'm unable to remove the shirt from my body, I tried rebaking and wearing a different skin, to no avail? I've also attempted to put on another shirt, nothing works, does anyone know what the issue is and how I can resolve it? Thanks in advance GG
  10. Okay bare with me as I'm not sure what the issue is whether it's graphics or something else, so here goes, I took Ro's advice about reading the wiki page for Firestorm but my issue wasn't listed, so I'm back, okay I have 4 bathrooms in my home, and I love to shower before changing clothes, however, I'm unable to see the water, I know the shower(s) work, but I just can't see the water, how can I resolve this, is this a graphics issue or what? Thanks in advance GG
  11. Ro, you are effin bad ass...I would be totally lost without you thank you not only for you knowledge but for not making fun of me, if you ever see me inworld feel free to chat me up...Hugs and cheek Kisses...Your fan, GG
  12. Hello I'm currently using the initial version of Firestorm (v2.5.1.16671) and two things, the first, every time I log on there's a green marbled colored egg attached to me, I mean EVERYTIME, I log on I have to detach it from me, and secondly, my friends/communication/groups icon is missing, then just happened 2 minutes ago, I tried logging out and logging back in, but that didn't work. Can anyone help me with either of these??? Much appreciation GG
  13. you can go to the clinic and have an abortion or talk to your friends to see if any one wants to adopt???
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