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  1. Don't worry, they're just playing the house game They get homes, publish them here and abandon them progressively, I guess it will be a fun game...
  2. I'm not as bad a person as I seem, sometimes I just like to create a bit of controversy and see what happens, but I do it without bad intention. I don't have many luck, and when you see people here every day posting about their great and awesome homes they got with their X premiums alts... got a bit angry. Most of the day I'm a normal person I'm an adult, GinaFreumann, and I fully understand that homes in SL are what they are, bits as all, they don't have old or crap furnitures of previous owners… it's your new home when you got it… that's clear. Here the homes don't have an history. they don't keep things from other people. The "abandoned" concept refers to a home that someone has previously left, different than a "new home" released by Linden. But right, both are homes. Yes, you can call it a game, it's just the way to get a Linden Victorian home. Oh no, I didn't select that yellow…. it was there in the home...
  3. It's very true that what some people like, others dislike ... but with more available homes everybody will get what they want, and not only people with alts.
  4. Sure, I found the needle in the haystack But I still think that this was one in a thousand, almost impossible.
  5. Thank you : It was the style I like, the grass is beautiful but I feel more comfortable with the sand, and the views are good. But I'll have to play a bit with the colours, that yellow wall kill me.
  6. I think luck just smiled at me, finally. After requested a Victorian home again, thinking that I had already used my daily quota of five, and by surprise I got this: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bishopshead/200/148/24 I'm still trying to imagine why someone would leave this ... it's amazing, just what I was looking for .... sand
  7. Yes I agree with you. It seems that people are using their premium alts to play the "home game" and see who gets the best for upload the picture here I want to assume that a considerable amount of those homes obtained simply by roll the dice more times will be available again in a short period, either because collectors get tired of them or don't renew their premiums. I wish you luck in your search, I hope you find what you need.
  8. Certainly until Linden releases more new Victorians homes, the only way to get one will be waiting for other people abandons. Keep up the home game!
  9. Well, someone had to talk about this home collecting process, and yes, I give a different opinion to most people, I'm free to write as long as they don't censure me. Congratulations for the home.
  10. Sorry for not using the multiquote to answer more than one message. Answering you doubt, yes, I tried with all the homes even campers, I wanted to see what each model offered before get one. I got a Traditional a few days ago in a nice place with beach sand but the homes on my right and left were full of pretty ugly crap rezzed, unpleasant to see them near, so unfortunately I had to leave that home. About boats, well, not bad if you specially like that kind of living, they are not my favorites. Maybe I expressed myself wrong by associating abandoned with bad.
  11. May be I didn't trying long enough, maybe that's reason, but understand that while I can only roll the dice five times in 24 hours , other people do it more.
  12. To satisfy your curiosity, although I've been in Second Life for many years, it's the second time I have upgraded my account to Premium, and it was on a recent date. Therefore, as you will understand, it's materially impossible for me to get a Linden home before December. I really liked the Victorian homes sims, so I tried to get one, simply to enjoy it as other extra of my premium. I think it's a legitimate right to want a home in a location that you like, but every time I tried the Victorians, I received them in places clearly abandoned by other users. And yes, other people got great "abandoned" homes by others, and what I call "abandoned" could be someone else's dream home, I can understand it. But in these last days it's hard to get a Victorian, and I asked myself that question… again... how long are the premium alts going to hold homes that will then end up abandoning if they don't like them, or they don't renew their premiums? I'm only surprised by this alt "collecting homes" game.
  13. You're completely free to request many houses as you want, just as I'm free to keep a home or not, if it's not where I like it, right?
  14. Obviosly I can't answer that question, and nobody was going to answer that, because it's a private matter. But without mentioning anyone's name, just read several pages of this thread and see how people talk about "getting houses with their alts".
  15. Of course I set a limit, I don't need to collect homes with a few premium alts, I've subscribed the anual for other reasons and just trying to get a home in a place where I would like it. Most of the abandoned houses are not in attractive places. I think it is easy to understand without twisting the argument of my message.
  16. Sorry to disagree with you but you're not right. and it's simple: One premium account = five house requests every 24 hours X premium accounts = X * five house requests every 24 hours.
  17. Of course, like everyone I want a home that I like, and while I keep trying with my premium account, there are people who have several alts, and my chances are ridiculous. For that reason I ask myself the question of the previous message, what is the limit of the "home collectors"?
  18. Marianne, it's always fair for Linden, as long as those premium alts keep their account up to date in payment. And very profitable if the same people don't stop upgrading accounts to get more homes, Linden always win in this. I'm not proposing any limitations, I just comment and I wonder where are the limit of the "home collectors". I think someone had to talk about this, it's all.
  19. I know that this post is going to be quite unpopular and may offend anyone of those who post messages in this thread, but it seems a bit unfair that while there are people collecting homes with many alts, others can't get simply one, I mean to Victorians specifically. And I'm sorry, that's my point of view about this.
  20. Thank you, I'll wait for new releases I guess, it's better than get an abandoned home anywhere
  21. Hello everybody, I'm new in this thing of the Linden homes. Does anybody know why now there is no available Victorian homes?, I've looked several times during this afternoon and nothing. There is no more?
  22. Tu opinión es razonable hasta cierto punto, es muy cierto que grandes espacios de Second Life se han convertido en tiendas gigantes donde cualquier cosa tiene cabida, y muchas de dudoso gusto estético. Pero no hay que olvidarse de algo vital, el presente y futuro de muchas actividades en SL dependen del comercio dentro del juego. Los costes de comprar y mantener terreno son disparatados y no todo el mundo se los puede permitir, las tiendas y centros comerciales eran la mejor fuente de financiación. Si todo ese comercio en lugar de hacerlo los jugadores queda en manos de Linden, me temo que efectivamente en un plazo no muy largo veremos cada ves más terrenos abandonados por la imposibilidad de mantenerlos o generar ingresos de ningún tipo. Haciendo referencia a una frase que has dicho, esto es puro comercialismo... puede ser. Desde el momento que Linden impone esas tarifas bajo mi punto de vista desproporcionadas, disponer de un espacio para construir o crear aunque sea por el mero hecho de hacerlo sin ningún interés comercial ya tiene un coste elevado, y "obliga" a rentabilizar, osea dedicar una porción de ese terreno a fines comerciales o residenciales. Es fácil de entender, u otros te pagan los costes o pones dinero propio si puedes... y no todo el mundo se lo puede permitir. Hace un rato lo comentaba con mi pareja, Marketplace terminará estrangulando Second Life, hará que desaparezcan muchos sims de todo tipo, que se produzca un abandono masivo de mainlands (más todavía), y esto se convierta en una plataforma "elitista" donde sólo los pudientes puedan tener cabida. Y yo no quiero ese Second Life, es aburrido.
  23. Negocio claro está, Linden es una empresa privada con ánimo de lucro como todas, nadie pone eso en duda a estas alturas. Yo lo que critico abiertamente es esa política de machacar sistemáticamente a la gente que poner dinero RL en esto, y por otra parte plantear ofertas con anuncios no del todo claro, si se puede decir asi. Linden es únicamente una máquina de hacer dinero, pero eso tiene un riesgo. Cuando una tuerca se aprieta demasiado se termina pasando la rosca, y pasará si no frenan un poco sus ansias de ganar dinero. Aunque si te digo la verdad creo que han "idiotizado" a una cantidad preocupante de gente, que se tira de cabeza a todo lo que le ofrecen, que casi nunca es gratis aunque así te lo quieran vender. Y yo insisto sobre la Linden Home, de regalo nada de nada. Tienes que convertir tu cuenta básica a Premium (primer gasto), y en caso que ya lo fueras y tuvieras otro terreno mainland, incrementar tu tier (ya hay gente quejándose al respecto). Y la calidad de estas construcciones, con todo respeto a la gente que opine lo contrario, es mediocre. Por supuesto que nadie te obliga a tener Linden home, faltaría más, cada cual es libre de solicitarla o no, yo sólo digo que en lugar de "regalar" estos ghettos baratos, se podrían plantear una reforma a fondo de las Premium, otorgándoles más ventajas en relación a las cuentas básicas, para que así realmente merezca la pena dejar de ser un jugadora/or básico.
  24. Aiko.Ying escribió: Bueno, en mi humilde opinión creo que es una estrategia de marketing y obvio que para captar cuentas premium. Pero también creo que puede ser de mucha ayuda, para el que le interese, claro. Creo que tiene la ventaja de que puedes obtener un lugar donde vivir sin ningún costo, en el caso de que no te puedas permitir gastar mucho, si puedes, si, mejor estar en una isla Completamente de acuerdo en ese punto, Aiko. Aunque hayan querido venderlo como mejoras de la cuenta Premium, se trata únicamente de una campaña de captación de nuevas cuentas, recaudar dinero y a hacer caja En cuanto al tema de costos, sería cuestión de hacer números en relación a qué vale mantener una cuenta Premium (descontando el bono único de 1000 L$ y los 300 L$ semanales) y qué nos costaría un alquiler a otra persona, ya fuera en mainland o en terrenos privados. Globalmente quizás fuera un poco más barato la Linden Home, pero también habría que tener cuenta sus grandes limitaciones. Por contrario, alquilar terreno a otro usuario/a (a gente seria, obviamente) presenta ventajas, normalmente puedes poner la casa que quieras, incluidos skybox, y cuando te canses del sitio es tan fácil como comunicarlo al arrendador. Para rebajar el coste de la Linden Home, seguramente tendríamos que hacernos una suscripción anual, y naturalmente Linden no va a devolverte el tiempo no consumido si decides ponerle fin al Premium. Tampoco estoy segura si una vez abandonada la Linden Home, podrías solicitar otra. Yo creo que valorando individualmente las ventajas del alquiler privado, merecen ese pequeño coste superior al Linden Home. La "libertad" tiene un precio opino yo. Otra curiosidad que tengo es cómo va a afectar al mercado de compra-venta-alquiler de terrenos esta campaña de Linden. Hay vendedores que comercian habitualmente con terrenos de 512 metros orientados hacia el usuario/a recien llegado o que busca tener su primer sitio al que llamar casa. Me pregunto con cierta inquietud qué va a pasar si toda esa posible clientela ahora se la lleva Linden, ¿tendremos otra avalancha de terrenos a precio de saldo o abandonados?. Pase lo que pase al final gana el de siempre, Linden Labs, ingresando dinero de nuevas cuentas Premiums y "quitándoselo" a los vendedores privados (propietarios/as de mainland y estados).
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