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  1. Thank you so much for opening this thread, as it helps so much with finding that ideal physics effects for my avatar and making it look as realistic as how I wanted it to be. Before, I had most of my slider way below 10 since I don't want to have too much jiggle and since I'm an almost flat-chested person and have a flat butt too (literally a log (^ ^)). However, the boobies still moves a lot when I'm idle and on my standing animation. I don't want a lot of jiggle but a tiny weeny movement when I jump or dance just so make it look a bit real. So thank you all for making me understand the use of Damping and so far, putting it in the middle of the slider helps with making it not jiggle when not doing much movement. I will continue experimenting until I get my desired physics effects. Again, thank you all ()/
  2. Having the same problem too. Hope it will be fixed soon
  3. There isn't any lag and I have allowed the profile to upload in its own time and the error message "Frame load interrupte​d by policy change" still appears Seems like there are others who are experiencing the same too, when I asked about the problem in Help Island Republic. The same thing appears when I look at their profiles
  4. Yeah, seems like the problem just happened today Hope there will be a fix for this soon
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