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  1. Apparently some criminals are unaware of that, and at least we can (could) weed out a few of the vermin.
  2. Taking away client tags ALSO takes away my ability to see that someone is using a known copybot viewer.
  3. Once you've gone through the process of entering you verification information, make sure you log in with the "official" Second Life viewer. I suffered through this same process. repeatedly trying everything I could thnk of, addres, rl id numbers, live support... all to no avail. then FINALLY a wise support person asks me if I'm using a third party viewer. as soon as I logged in with the official client, I walked directly onto adult restricted land no problem. Successive logins with TPVs worked after the initial LL viewer login. Always remember, if you're having ANY strange and unusual problems with SL, make sure you try the LL viewer. It is the ONLY supported software. Third Party Viewers are just 'allowed'.
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