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  1. I intend no "name and shame", or any harm to this creator whatsoever. Rather, I'm looking for some input/advice/experience about conflict-resolution of a completely unintended disagreement with a creator. I wouldn't care two hoots if it wasn't happening within a niche SL community. The Buyer Beware part is good advice, though, thank you. I'd rather resolve the conflict though.
  2. Attempted to resolve the issue inworld, to no avail. Is there a dedicated space for topics like this?
  3. Absolutely not. Also, it wasn't all the same; it had parts that were exactly the same.
  4. Yes, I do know to block someone. The issue here is not that; rather, it's someone impersonating me.
  5. Thanks. I didn't react at all, just TP-ed away. When I got back, there was no sign of the account. Based on the responses here - and just gut feeling, frankly - I think it WAS a bot.
  6. For sure. I'm just someone who isn't online much, don't really have "friends and enemies", so I'm really not a believable candidate for any kind of social revenge. The weirdest bit is that I've read this person's profile practically being the same as mine almost word for word only MINUTES after I've finished writing my own profile. To me, it seems very much like bot activity. I'm simply NOT socially enmeshed enough for it to be any kind of a revenge/joke thing.
  7. This exactly. Telling me whether this is a known bot activity, or some random ***** getting off on playing a game with me.
  8. Why would a random account be messing with me and have an almost word-for-word profile ready just 30 seconds after my arrival to said sim?
  9. Neither. I'm sure you are a super-cool person but I'm actually looking for help.
  10. Just filled up my profile an hour ago - it had been empty for weeks. Hopped over to Beast Forest, only to find an avatar with literally the same words in their profile as mine. TP-ed away as fast as I could. What's going on? How did it happen? Any help, advice, explanation, please?
  11. Hey all, I've also got it twice now, in emails while offline (despite blocking the sender after the first time), yet when I logged in, there was no actual message on either occasion, and no object to block or report. I'm a bit concerned tbh.
  12. I'm set to receiving IMs in my mailbox when offline. This morning I got a suspicious email from 'Cash Cove Treasure Chest' with the title 'Message from Second Life'. The text was this: The object 'Cash Cove Treasure Chest' has sent you a message from Second Life: Attention Isskald, we would like to remind you your replay credits of L$200 (and cash out of L$0) is still available @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CashCove/245/134/25 and the current session will expire Never. = Cash Cove Treasure Chest is owned by CashCove SLSGO = http://slurl.com/secondlife/CashCove/243/128/25 It looks legit, but when I logged in, there was no message at all, and I've never been to this place, and never heard of these people. I'm convinced it's a spam, just trying to determine how sinister it is. Did it even come from inside SL? Has anyone seen anything like this before? Any info would help.
  13. Hello all, I need a bit of advice. I've rented a parcel and for some reason dispensers that use temporary attachment don't work at all. Any idea why?
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