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  1. OK, I have NO CLUE what that means. Can you spell it out to me Barney Style? (Simple as possible for a complete idiot) TYVM!
  2. This is my first attempt at using AVsitter. I downloaded the files from github and created the scripts as directed. I have followed the instructions to create a box and put in the following files: [AV]sitA+[AV]sitB scripts [AV]adjuster script [AV]helper object AVpos notecard (blank) Plus 5 sit animations The next instructions is: 'Sit on your furniture, and the menu will appear' When I try and sit on this box, I am thrown off and get error message: "Do not sit on the helper with AVsitter2 unless you have enabled the old helper mode. Move the helper while sitting on the furniture. Please see instructions at http://avsitter.com" Where did I go wrong? Thank you in advance!
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